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Macedonia Culture 22.12.20 | 19:25

Controversy surrounds appointment of new Film Agency director

The Film Agency Bojan Lazarevski as its director, on orders from the Zaev Government, before he was relieved as member of the Managing Board of the agency. Lazarevski was Zaev’s pick to replace the scandalous agency director Gorjan Tozija, who initated a dispute with Slovenia and Croatia, deeply...

Macedonia 23.07.20 | 16:59

Lesok marks the 19th anniversary of the killing of a police officer who protected the evacuation of villagers in face of UCK advance

The villagers of Lesok marked the 19th anniversary of the gun battle in which Gjoko Lazarevski was killed during the 2001 war. Lazarevski, a native of the village, was a reserve police officer at a time when the village was attacked by members of the NLA/UCK terrorist group led by Ali Ahmeti. Lazarevski...

Macedonia 25.09.19 | 13:46

Spy vs spy: Lazarevski insists his actions were “transparent” following shocking comments from his superior Zoran Verusevski

Gjoko Lazarevski, one of the rogue UBK intelligence officers who were charged with abusing the surveillance systems and secretly recording conversations of Government officials, made a short comment after the entire official narrative about his “exploits” was undermined by the main suspect...

Macedonia 20.12.18 | 14:10

Secret police officers charged with running a massive, illegal wiretapping operation for SDSM return to the Interior Ministry

Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski announced on Thursday that he has returned two disgraced former UBK officers to their jobs. Georgi Lazarevski and Zvonko Kostovski were charged in the 2015 wiretapping scandal with abusing the UBK system to spy on office holders for years and then delivering the recordings...

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