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Macedonia 27.12.19 | 20:21

What says one of the three letters Janeva sent to Joveski from the Sutka Prison?

In the introduction of the letter by former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva sent in handwriting from the Sutka prison in September this year while Janeva was in custody, she urged Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski to inspect the files at Vilma Ruskoska, because the SPO chief suspected that her statement to...

Macedonia 22.11.19 | 21:22

I don’t know if Katica wrote the letters herself, a lawyer can’t smuggle them

On Friday’s “Samo vistina” show, Justice Minister Renata Deskoska expressed doubts about whether Katica Janeva herself wrote the letters ordering SPO to hand over its cases to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Namely, Janeva sent a letter on 04.09.2019 ordering all the evidence...

Macedonia 06.09.19 | 20:06

Milososki: Letters from prison are coordinated move between the Government, Janeva, Ruskoska and Joveski

The letters that Katica Janeva sends from prison are not on her own initiative, says MP Antonio Milososki, who, after today’s meeting of working groups on the prosecution law, said they were far from reaching an agreement with the government. The key differences remain without a common consensus....

Macedonia 11.02.19 | 12:13

Macedonia’s Government: The letters were removed due to preparations for the NATO flag-raising ceremony

The letters “Government of the Republic of Macedonia” on the facade of the Government building were removed, in order to place the new constitutional name containing the adjective “North” in line with the Prespa Agreement. The government explained that the letters were removed...

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