Tag: Ljupco Kocarev
Macedonia 10.12.21 | 12:53

Kocarev: I accuse of destroying the Macedonian people, the Macedonian name, everything that is Macedonian

I accuse of high treason, of betraying the Macedonian principles, of shallowness, of ignorance, of short-sightedness, of self-abolition, of lack of vision, of love for power, of selfishness, of injustice, of lack of sense of geopolitical strategy, of working against state interests. I accuse of disintegration...

Macedonia 08.10.21 | 19:01

Academician Kocarev: Macedonia has become a humiliated country since 2017

The period of rule from 2017 until today is best characterized in my opinion, with the phrase – humiliated country, said MANU president Ljupco Kocarev on Friday. According to him, recent policies directly attack the Macedonian national interests and the Macedonian history, which is changing at...

Macedonia 27.09.21 | 12:03

Kocarev: Today’s politicians are servants of daily political and geostrategic interests, and not of state-building interests that we celebrate together today

The celebration of the great jubilee – the 30th anniversary of the independence of the country and the 80th anniversary of the Macedonian anti-fascist struggle is an occasion to return once again to the civilizational benefits of the Macedonian people, the Macedonian language, Macedonian science...

Macedonia 30.06.21 | 23:28

Kocarev: The Prespa Agreement erases the Macedonian identity, does not guarantee it

MANU President Ljupco Kocarev says in his column for “Nova Makedonija” that Zaev’s claims that the Prespa Agreement guarantees the Macedonian identity are not true. On the contrary, says the academician, this agreement erases the Macedonian identity. Article 7 not only does not guarantee...

Macedonia 15.06.21 | 22:08

Kocarev: The Macedonian identity doesn’t have Bulgarian roots

Politicians from Macedonia and Bulgaria should be aware that geopolitical games in some possible scenarios can cause harmful consequences for both countries, said MANU president Ljupco Kocarev at Tuesday’s scientific gathering dedicated to the life and work of Krste P. Misirkov. Speaking about...

Macedonia 22.02.21 | 17:40

MANU president believes that a detailed analysis of the agreements with Bulgaria and Greece should be conducted

MANU president Ljupco Kocarev believes that he should make a detailed analysis of the provisions of the two agreements with Bulgaria and Greece, with special reference to their inherent connection, which already create a synergy that was not foreseen or overlooked at the time the agreements were signed.

Macedonia 19.02.21 | 11:42

MANU president: Since the Sultan in 1903 until recently no one else had banned the name “Macedonia”

In my opinion, Macedonia, in the last few years moved gradually downward, to finally become a center of regional destabilization in 2020. This has happened, in large part, due to internal political turmoil, the lack of the rule of law, the incompetence and arrogance of domestic political elites, rampant...

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