Tag: Ljupco Prendzov
Macedonia 09.11.21 | 12:17

Prendzov: Unprecedented threats and blackmail are made against MPs so that they don’t support the vote of no confidence in the Government

Zaev continues with his practice and exerts unprecedented pressures in the Pariament of the Republic of Macedonia in order to maintain power, said GROM MP, Ljupco Prendzov in an interview with TV Telma. Prendzov sees Zaev’s visit to the Parliament on Monday as pressure and points out that MPs were...

Economy 26.07.21 | 18:47

Prendzov: There should be budget rebalance for real things, not for voter bribery before elections

Ljupco Prendzov from the VMRO-DPMNE-led “For the Renewal of Macedonia” Coalition at Monday’s debate Parliament referred to the fact that the money from the 2021 supplementary budget is made for the purpose of voter bribery before the elections. Most of the money goes to social transfers...

Macedonia 30.11.20 | 17:17

Prendzov: With the 2021 budget, the government envisages only 0.4% for environment protection

MP Ljupco Prendzov at Monday’s session of the Committee on Finance and Budget said that the Government in the 2021 proposed budget has envisaged only 0.4 percent for protection of the environment and nature. He added that it is a great defeat for the Macedonian society, that in every 1000 denars...

Macedonia 22.05.19 | 22:56

Prendzov: Macedonia needs snap parliamentary elections

Ljupco Prendzov from GROM said Wednesday on TV Alfa “Otvoreno” show that Macedonia needs snap elections that should take place this autumn. He said the reason for this was the poor economy, the government’s unfulfilled promises, and the disastrous governance. We in Macedonia must stop...

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