Tag: Lynx
Macedonia 22.10.21 | 19:34

Balkan lynx photographed at Galichica National Park

A young Balkan lynx, currently considered an endangered species, was photographed by the specially placed cameras meant to monitor roe activity at Galicica National Park. The photo of the lynx was quite clear and vivid. Lynxes are becoming a more and more rare sighting in Macedonian forests. Andon...

Macedonia 12.07.19 | 12:25

Lynx photographed in Mavrovo

The Mavrovo national park released a new photograph made of a lynx, using a concealed camera. The magnificent animal is believed to be one of the 10 to 18 lynxes estimated to live in the park. This makes it critically endangered, and throughout the Balkans, it is estimated that there are only 40 of them...

Macedonia 13.02.19 | 18:57

Huge lynx tagged near Mavrovo

A lynx weighing 27 kilograms was caught in the Mavrovo national park, near the village of Sence. This is the sixth lynx caught since 2010, when a GPS tagging system was put in place by the Macedonian Association of Environmentalists. The lynx was caught in a cage set up by the Association, and its team...

Culture 30.01.19 | 18:01

Short made by Macedonia’s Lynx animation studios to screen at Berlinale

Norwegian animated short Dad (Pappa), produced by Oslo’s Gimpville and largely made in Skopje’s Lynx animation studios, will screen at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival in February. “This is the first time we’ve made the official selection of an A-list festival,” Lynx’s general...

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