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Macedonia 19.11.21 | 10:09

Government continues to deny reports about bitcoin mining with stolen electricity

Gjoko Trajcevski, the Government appointed director of the GTC shopping mall in Skopje, is again denying that people close to the ruling SDSM party were stealing electricity from the mall to mine for bitcoin. The suspects are the Bajram family, who dominate the Roma Shuto Orizari neighborhood and have...

Macedonia 01.03.21 | 17:18

Two months after the fire, part of the Global shopping mall has reopened

Parts of the Global shopping mall in Strumica reopened today, after the devastating fire on January 2nd. About two thirds of the mall are now reopened, in the parts that were less affected by the fire. The roof is also repaired and by the end of the week work on the most affected sections will be near...

Macedonia 08.01.21 | 17:10

Global shop-keepers divided into categories based on the damage they sustained from the fire

Shop-keepers in the burnt Global mall in Strumica have been divided into three categories, and will press their claims for reimbursement. The categories involve businesses who suffered total loss, partial loss, or no loss at all. The ground floor of the large mall developed under controversial circumstances...

Macedonia 04.01.21 | 22:08

Zaev on the Global mall blaze: The hydrants were operational but the water main had burst since before the fire

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that the fire in the Global shopping mall, built by his cronies while he was Mayor of Strumica, was made worse by a burst pipe that fed water to the hydrants in the mall. The ground floor in the large mall is totally destroyed, with dozens of shops and a marketplace burnt,...

Macedonia 03.01.21 | 19:40

Never mind the sprinklers, the Strumica mall didn’t even have functioning water hydrants

TV Vis from Strumica reports that the Global shopping mall did not have operational water hydrants that could’ve helped the firemen save some of the dozens of stores that were burnt in yesterday’s inferno. The mall, whose construction was notorious as part of Zoran Zaev’s early, 2008...

Macedonia 12.05.20 | 21:22

Malls and other businesses will be allowed to open tomorrow, with restrictions

A number of businesses will be allowed to open on Wednesday, as part of the plan to relax restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus epidemic. Businesses that deal with education, training, driving schools and outdoor sports training centers will be allowed to open. Shopping malls can also open,...

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