Tag: Marko Bislimoski
Economy 16.11.21 | 11:21

Bislimoski: ERC rated number one regulator by Energy Community for four years in a row

For four years in a row now, the Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission (ERC) of Macedonia has been rated the number one regulator by the European Energy Community Secretariat. The country shares first place with Georgia and Montenegro in the Secretariat’s annual report for 2021, the ERC said...

Macedonia 15.11.21 | 20:49

Pendarovski and ERC head Bislimoski discuss power system stability

President Stevo Pendarovski met Monday with the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) president Marko Bislimoski and discussed the stability of the Macedonian power system, the challenges ahead of us and the decree adopted by the government on declaring a state of energy crisis. At the meeting, as the Office...

Economy 08.10.21 | 18:29

Bislimoski: The attacker should apologize to the institution – the Energy Regulatory Commission, not to me

The director of the Energy Regulatory Commission Marko Bislimoski is still consulting with his lawyers whether to file a private lawsuit against the person who physically attacked him on Tuesday night in a restaurant in Skopje. The procedure is progress, I will consult my lawyers and we will see how...

Macedonia 11.09.20 | 15:12

Regulatory Commission Bislimoski hides from the people and from VMRO DPMNE

Today, before its second announced protest against the increase of the electricity price, VMRO-DPMNE was met with closed doors in the Energy Commission, where they wanted to meet with the President of the Commission, Marko Bislimoski. VMRO-DPMNE took to the streets again, asking the mafia government...

Economy 06.08.20 | 12:07

Bislimoski: Electricity price could have been increased by 25%

Electricity price hikes will not trigger rise in the prices of other products, because 90% of the industrial and commercial consumers purchase electricity on the free market. It means that our decision isn’t affecting these consumers. No inflationary spiral can be caused and there will be no increase...

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