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Macedonia 22.11.21 | 21:51

Energy crisis: Lake Matka is drying out

Lake Matka, an artificial accumulation on Treska river next to Skopje, is the latest to fall victim to the overuse of water resources. Photographs from the lake show it dried out in places. Authorities were freely using the accumulated waters in the artificial lakes during the summer, and exporting surplus...

Macedonia 09.04.21 | 09:19

More footage emerges of Sedat Peker’s antics in Macedonia

Footage from the visits Turkish mobster Sedat Peker had while in Macedonia continues to surface. Latest videos show Peker with his retinue visiting the Matka canyon near Skopje. Peker was also filmed strolling through the main Skopje quay, and having coffee at the boat restaurant which municipal authorities...

Macedonia 04.09.20 | 17:11

After Zaev’s Government put on a show demolishing a building in Skopje, VMRO challenges it to do the same in the protected Matka canyon

VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski held a press conference at the Matka canyon, in front of the platforms built illegally by local developers in the strictly protected area of the canyon. Stoilkovski’s press conference was in response to the dramatic demolition of an illegal construction in...

Macedonia 18.05.20 | 15:49

Body found in a shallow grave near Skopje was of a murder victim

The man whose body was found near the village of Gorna Matka, west of Skopje, was murdered, the police confirmed. The body was found in a shallow grave in a desolate place. Wild animals dug up parts of the body, and it was found by hikers. Police forensics teams determined that he was killed with a gunshot...

Macedonia 10.05.20 | 11:19

Matka shooting incident: Attackers had guns, a knife and a baseball bat

The Interior Ministry revealed that many of the participants in the shooting incident that occurred at the Matka canyon yesterday were armed. The incident was caught on video, in which it can be clearly heard that at least one shot was fired, allegedly by local boss Mervan Sulejmani. Пукање...

Macedonia 09.05.20 | 19:16

Shooting incident in the Matka canyon

A shooting incident occurred this afternoon in the Matka canyon, at the small pier used by the popular boat tour operators. Several boat operators got into an argument, durign which one of them fired at least one shot. Nobody has been injured in the incident, that was caught on video, the police said....

Macedonia 06.03.20 | 11:06

Rapist arrested after hiding in the woods west of Skopje for a year

A rapist who attacked a close family member a year ago, was arrested in the woods of the Matka canyon, west of Skopje. The man was hiding in an improvised mountain hut for a year to avoid arrest. Police located and arrested him on the between Thursday and Friday. They shared a video of the arrest.

Macedonia 20.11.19 | 16:48

One of the three Matka dams dries out

The Derveni Info news site published images from the dried out canal of the St. Petka dam in Matka. The dam, one of the three on the Treska river, has almost no water flowing from it, which can have very negative consequences for the fish and other wildlife along the canyon. This is likely the result...

Macedonia 14.06.19 | 15:30

Galeski asks Mayor Silegov if he allowed illegal construction in the Matka canyon in exchange for votes

As Skopje authorities are demolishing a number of cafe terraces in the downtown, VMRO-DPMNE Council member Luke Galeski asked Mayor Petre Silegov when does he intend to demolish the unlawfully built lakeside platforms in the Matka canyon. The public has been warning about the construction in this strictly...

Macedonia 10.03.19 | 22:50

Siljanovska condemns illegal construction in the Matka canyon

Opposition presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska raised the issue of unlawful construction in what should be the heavily protected area of the Matka canyon west of Skopje during her visit to the area and meetings with supporters. City of Skopje authorities and the local Saraj municipality gave up...

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