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Macedonia 16.05.22 | 17:55

Afghan migrant stabbed to death in Gevgelija

A 24 year old man from Afghanistan was found dead near a bridge in Gevgelija, close to the border with Greece. The man was stabbed to death. His body was found yesterday evening. Police is investigating the murder.

Macedonia 11.02.22 | 15:01

Migrant found dead near Kumanovo

A man, likely a migrant, was found dead near the village of Recica, near Kumanovo. The body was found in a pond, without traces of violence. It was found out by locals yesterday early afternoon. The Kumanovo region is on the migrant route that leads from Greece to Serbia and then north, toward the core...

Macedonia 09.11.20 | 17:17

Migrant trafficker with 10 Afghans stopped near Veles, his accomplice fled

A migrant trafficker from the village of Aracinovo near Skopje is being charged with after his arrest yesterday evening. The 24 year old man, together with an accomplice as they were taking 10 illegal migrants from Afghanistan – half of them minors. The group was intercepted near Veles as they...

Macedonia 27.07.20 | 13:04

Man from Kavadarci arrested while driving three illegal migrants with his tractor

A man from Kavadarci was detained yesterday after he was found transporting three illegal migrants in his tractor. The migrants are all young men from Afghanistan and were sent to the Gevgelija migrant center. The local man is being investigated for migrant trafficking.

Macedonia 11.06.20 | 11:35

Migrant killed in a railway accident near Veles

An man, presumed to be an illegal migrant, was killed in a railway accident south of Veles early this morning. Migrants who enter Macedonia from Greece frequently follow the railway line knowing that it will lead them straight north to Serbia, but the practice is dangerous even with the slow moving trains....

Macedonia 14.03.20 | 11:45

Migrant electrocuted while trying to get to Serbia hidden on a train

A migrant suffered injuries when he was electrocuted while riding on top of a cargo train near the Tabanovce border crossing with Serbia. The man was apparently trying to cross the border illegally, riding on an oil wagon, when he came in contact with the power grid. Ten other migrants were found hiding...

Macedonia 21.02.20 | 16:54

Ghanian migrant traffickers banned from returning to Macedonia

Two Ghanians, who held an Italian and a German passport, received life long bans from entering Macedonia for migrant trafficking. They tried to bring three migrants, also Ghanians, from Greece into Macedonia. In early January the two went to Greece where they picked the three migrants and gave them fake...

Macedonia 17.02.20 | 13:42

Syrian migrant found dead on Shar Planina

The body of a 32 year old man that was found on the Shar Planina mountain, between the village of Vejce and the Kobilica peak, was of a Syrian migrant. The man is identified as M.R., and he was found carrying falsified Spanish travel documents. Macedonia is a major link on the Balkan route for migrants...

Macedonia 20.09.19 | 11:32

Migrant from Pakistan hit by train, killed, near Gradsko

A migrant from Pakistan was killed by the Gevgelija – Skopje passenger train on Thursday afternoon. The 23 year old man identified as A.I. was hit by the train near the village of Nogaevci, in the Gradsko area, while he was walking on the tracks along with a friend, 30 year old R.M. A.I. was killed...

World 07.08.19 | 11:14

Austrian court sentences Afghan who planned to bomb the main Vienna railway station

On Tuesday, an Austrian court sentenced the 27-year-old Afghan migrant to fourteen months in prison for making preparations to carry out a suicide attack at Vienna’s main railway station in 2015, the V4 news agency reported. The 27-year-old Afghan got off with a relatively light sentence because...

World 26.07.19 | 11:45

Iranian immigrant threatens to set himself on fire in Vienna

A 32 year old Iranian threatened to set himself on fire in front of an immigrant hostel in Vienna yesterday, V4 reported. The migrant had become angry after he allegedly did not receive his allowance, the news website of the Austrian Kronen Zeitung reported on Thursday. The 32-year-old man was pouring...

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