Tag: mining
Macedonia 30.12.20 | 12:46

Mining causes interruptions in traffic between Kicevo and Ohrid

Motorists driving between Kicevo and Ohrid will face interruptions between 12 and 15h, due to mining near the village of Vrbjani. Traffic will be blocked for 15 minute intervals. Motorists are advised to drive carefully.

Macedonia 19.10.20 | 12:05

“Zaev acts like a feudal lord, giving mining contracts to his brother and cousin”

Zoran Zaev treats Macedonia as a feudal fief, handing mining contracts to his relatives, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski, after the latest scandal in which the Government approved a mining contract to companies ran by Zaev’s brother Vice and cousin Trajce Zaev. The government grants...

Macedonia 14.10.20 | 15:57

The government grants a 30-year mining concession to Vice and Trajce Zaev

According to the government’s decision on October 6, “Elenica”, the family company of Trajce Zaev, Vice Zaev and Katerina Bojovic Zaeva, obtained a concession for 30 years for the exploitation of mineral resources at the “Raborci” site in Strumica, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson...

Economy 14.08.20 | 14:45

Canadian company found a promising gold vein in the tri-border area between Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria

Vancouver based Medgold Resources declared that it has examined a gold vein with reserves of 19.3 tons on the tri-border area between Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia. The company is working on a feasibility study to see if it can go ahead with extraction. Initial finds are very promising, the company...

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