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Macedonia Health 13.08.22 | 10:09

Kicevo patient tests negative for monkeypox

Results of the test of a Kicevo man came back as negative for monkeypox, Zlate Mehmedovic, spokesman of the Commission for Infectious Diseases, told MIA. This was the first patient suspected of having monkeypox and he refused to be tested for several days.

Macedonia Health 11.08.22 | 09:24

Commission for Infectious Diseases recommends isolation, tracing for suspected monkeypox cases

Macedonia recorded its first suspected case of monkeypox on Wednesday after a person from Kicevo presented with lesions, one of the most common symptoms of the disease. Samples were collected and taken to the Public Health Institute to be analyzed, health authorities said. The Commission for Infectious...

Macedonia 10.08.22 | 20:50

Public Health Institute analyzing whether Kicevo patient has monkeypox

A sample taken of a suspected monkeypox case is expected to arrive at the Public Health Institute by the end of the day. The patient, who is from Kicevo, is in good health condition and there’s no need for hospitalization, said the Head of the Commission for Infectious Diseases, Aleksandar Petlickovski. The...

Macedonia 25.05.22 | 15:53

Special tests to be provided to diagnose monkeypox

The Commission for Infectious Diseases is concerned by the spread of the monkeypox virus and the cases outside of its endemic areas in Central and West Africa. The situation is being carefully monitored, but there is no room for panic because this epidemic is in no way identical or proportional to the...

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