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Macedonia 15.10.21 | 18:27

Foreign Ministry denies allegations that a Bulgarian WW1 monument near Kavadarci was damaged due to construction work

The Macedonian Foreign Ministry issued a statement denying reports in Bulgaria that a monument to Bulgarian soldiers from the First World War was damaged during road work near Kavadarci. The monument is dedicated to 193 Bulgarian soldiers killed near Kavadarci, and it is on the route of the new Gradsko...

Macedonia Culture 01.10.21 | 17:31

Struga: Monument to poet Ante Popovski damaged by hooligans

A bust of poet Ante Popovski was torn off its pedestal in StrugaThe bust was eventually found near the shore of lake Ohrid. The Struga Poetry Evenings association called on the police to identify the vandals that damaged the monument to one of Macedonia’s best known poets.

Macedonia 01.10.21 | 09:46

Bishop Petar: The Macedonian Church is under great pressure from the Bulgarian authorities

The old monument is not broken, but a new one has been installed and all the locals of the village of Klepac are behind it. They wanted to send a message that they do not agree with the falsification of history by Bulgaria. Yes, Duke Velko Skocivirceto and the eight of his generals died in a battle with...

Macedonia 02.06.21 | 09:12

Macedonian detained in Bulgaria for damaging a plaque to medieval Khan Asparuh

Bulgarian daily Trud reports that a Macedonian citizen was detained in the town of Levski after he overturned a plaque to the 7th century Khan Asparuh on Sunday evening. The paper reports that local citizens identified the person who, apparently under the influence, overturned the small monument. He...

Macedonia 06.10.20 | 11:45

Signs declaring the Macedonian kings as “belonging to the ancient Hellenic civilization” defaced overnight

Most of the signs placed yesterday that depict ancient Macedonian kings as part of the Hellenic civilization were defaced overnight. The signs were posted by the Government as part of the 2018 Zaev – Tsipras Prespa treaty, which specifically demands that Macedonia labels all historic figures claimed...

Macedonia 05.10.20 | 15:14

Zaev’s regime posts signs stating that Macedonian kings belong to the “ancient Hellenic history and civilization”

Over the weekend the Zaev regime posted signs on a number of monuments in downtown Skopje, and in other cities, that declare them part of the “Hellenic history and civilization”. Such signs are now seen on the monuments to ancient Macedonian kings such as Philip V (named Philippos in the...

Macedonia 19.06.20 | 12:08

Monument in opposition to the Prespa treaty erected in Drama

A Greek association from Drama and members of the Greek diaspora erected a monument in opposition to the Prespa treaty, which forcibly renamed Macedonia and began a process of redefining the Macedonian national identity. The treaty was rejected at a referendum in Macedonia, but is being implemented none...

Macedonia 06.05.20 | 20:11

After public outrage, VMRO youth activists cleaned Goce Delcev’s monument

A group of VMRO-DPMNE activists from the party’s youth wing cleaned up the monument to legendary VMRO leader Goce Delcev in Skopje’s central park. The sight of the heavily graffiti covered monument during the honoring of Delcev’s death two days ago sparked public outrage. Many citizens...

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