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Macedonia 03.01.21 | 19:35

Macedonia’s coronavirus death rate is fifth worst in the world

Macedonia remains one of the worst performers in the world in terms of Covid-19 mortality. Johns Hopkins reports that Macedonia is fifth in the world, with 121 deaths per 100,000 people. Only Belgium, Slovenia, Bosnia and Italy rank worse than Macedonia, with between 125 and 169 deaths per 100,000 people....

Macedonia 22.05.20 | 09:48

Johns Hopkins: Macedonia’s Covid-19 mortality rate remains by far the worst in the Balkans

The Johns Hopkins hospital coronavirus resource center ranked Macedonia as by far the worst performer in the Balkans in terms of its Covid-19 mortality rate. Their index stands at 5.09 per 100.000 citizens, which confirms the exceptionally bad results in dealing with the virus that Macedonia has had...

Macedonia 05.05.20 | 10:57

Macedonia continues to have the worst Covid-19 mortality rate in the Balkans

Updated death tolls in the Balkans reveal that Macedonia remains the worst affected country, with 42 deaths per capita. Excluding Slovenia, which performed by far the most tests per capita in the region, Macedonia remains the worst performer in terms of the mortality rate. Bosnia is second, with 24 deaths...

Macedonia 17.04.20 | 10:45

Macedonia has one of the worst Covid-19 mortality rates in the region

Regional coronavirus statistics show that Macedonia is among the worst performers when it comes to the mortality rate. Macedonia has 23 deaths per million, which is the worst result in the Balkans, excluding Slovenia with 29 deaths. Slovenia also had a far more extensive testing program in place, while...

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