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Macedonia 18.07.23 | 14:47

State official gives seized property as present to a mosque

The Bureau for management with seized property, which normally distributes vehicles and other goods taken away from criminals, awarded a van to a mosque in the village of Aracinovo near Skopje. The head of the Bureau Driton Nebiu, who is ethnic Albanian, bragged online that he gave a Citroen van to the...

Macedonia 07.04.23 | 19:58

Injuries reported after a firefight in front of a mosque in Skopje

Injuries are reported after an armed incident in front of a mosque in Cair in Skopje. Initial reports indicate that there are injuries, after a firefight between two groups of people. Cair has been plagued by serious violence between Albanian drug gangs in the past months.

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 14:28

A day after Islamic Community head threatens to “turn Macedonia into Bangladesh”, the Government caves, pays him off

A day after the shocking threat from the head of the Islamic Community in Macedonia that he will re-open the mosques and call the faithful to ignore epidemic curfew rules unless he is paid damages, the Government has approved a payment to the main Christian and Islamic theology faculties. The Islamic...

Macedonia 09.04.20 | 17:22

Filipce gave a broad answer to the Islamic Community’s threat to re-open the mosques

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce refused to directly address the shocking threat from the head of the Islamic Community in Macedonia (IVZ) that he will call on his faithful to violate quarantine rules. Reis ul ulema Hadzi Sulejman efendi Rexhepi asked for financial assistance from the public budget,...

Macedonia 01.02.20 | 13:32

Aerodrom local authorities deny that a mosque is being built in Lisice

The municipal authorities in Aerodrom have denied reports that a mosque is being built wihtout a permit in the Lisice neighborhood. Lisice is overwhelmingly Macedonian Christian and the residents are opposed to having a mosque there – an attempt to build one in 2013 was stopped by the city hall. There...

Macedonia 31.01.20 | 15:54

Mosque is being built in Skopje’s Lisice district despite the objections of most residents

Citizens from the Lisice part of the Aerodrom district in Skopje are accusing the municipal authorities of quietly allowing the construction of a mosque in the area. The proposal to build a mosque in the overwhelmingly Christian Macedonian part of the city was first made in 2013, and was rejected by...

Macedonia 13.09.19 | 15:21

In Strumica, hundreds of Muslims threaten a police patrol that came to measure how loud their mosque is

A major incident was reported in a majority Muslim neighborhood of Strumica yesterday, when the police intervened to measure the noise levels emitted from the local mosque. Hundreds of citizens of the so-called Turkish quarter mobbed the officers and forced them to flee without finishing the job, reports...

Macedonia 16.06.19 | 16:16

President Erdogan dreamed of building the Ali Pasha minaret in Ohrid, Turkish Ambassador says

Turkish Ambassador to Macedonia Tulin Erkal Kara said that the building of a minaret in downtown Ohrid was a dream come true for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who will himself come to visit the Ali Pasha mosque. The construction caused protests in Ohrid, with the town’s Christians worried that...

Macedonia 21.05.19 | 15:11

Zaev: The mosque in Ohrid will be built through dialogue

As regards the reactions over the construction works on the Ali Pasha mosque in Ohrid, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said he believed that a solution would be found through dialogue. This is a typical example of a religious need of a particular group of citizens. Only together can we solve it. We will...

Macedonia 20.03.19 | 15:07

Zaev meets Ohrid citizens who object to the Ali Pasha mosque minaret

Work continued on the disputed Ali Pasha mosque minaret in Ohrid today, as Prime Minister Zoran Zaev met with the acting Ohrid Mayor Konstantin Georgievski and representatives of citizens who protest against its construction. The minaret, torn down in 1912, is set to visually dominate the most visited...

Macedonia 18.03.19 | 18:03

Protest in Ohrid against the rebuilding of the Ali Pasha mosque minaret

The Svest organization from Ohrid is planning to hold protests in the ancient city’s bazaar against the construction of a large minaret at the Ali Pasha mosque. The mosque was built in the late XV or early XVI century, following the Ottoman conquest of the city, and the minaret, which used to tower...