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Macedonia 09.04.21 | 16:59

James Pettifer: NATO made a terrible error in forcing the name change on Macedonia, and it needs to be reversed

The British professor of Balkan history, James Pettifer, commented on an article of Republika in English language featuring the message of the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, regarding Macedonia’s European integration and all the concessions that the country has made. Good but could say...

Macedonia 18.03.21 | 21:48

The Constitutional Court will decide on a challenge of the 2019 name change

The Constitutional Court decided to open an examination of the imposed name change. A number of lawyers have challenged the law with which the name change was instituted. It came after the failed 2018 referendum, but the Zaev regime still insisted on having members of Parliament vote on the proposal....

Macedonia 16.08.20 | 22:39

Macedonian groups from Europe prepare protest in Brussels against the imposed name change

An association of Macedonians from Western Europe are preparing for a protest in Brussels next month against the imposed name change and the disputed July 15 elections, which both greatly eroded the trust in the democratic process. The protest is scheduled for September 19 at the Schuman square in Brussels. The...

Macedonia 08.04.20 | 11:58

Nimetz publishes an account of the name change of Macedonia, says Greece would not give up on the “erga omnes” principle

Nationalities Papers, issued by Cambridge University Press, has published a paper from UN mediator Matthew Nimetz on the Macedonian name issue. In it, Nimetz writes that five names were considered in the run up to what became the Prespa treaty, when Macedonia was pressured to adopt the name “North...

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