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Macedonia 01.01.21 | 17:22

Two dozen police reports for New Year parties, one group, including a Zaev official, resisted to the police

Over 20 people used the informant phone line to report that neighbors are having a New Year party. Renting out apartments and vacation homes for New Year celebrations was banned and the police urged citizens to spy on their neighbors, but in the end, only 22 people did. Police was dispatched to break...

Macedonia 01.01.21 | 15:47

Nation’s thoughts are with a small child from Skopje that faces a medical emergency

The baby Angel, born premature in a poor family in Skopje’s Lisice, is in the thoughs of the country this New Year. Doctors are still working to determine his exact condition, as he continues to suffer after being born in the 27th week of pregnancy. Through it all, his family struggles with its poor...

Macedonia 01.01.21 | 14:45

Ten people sought treatment after having too much to drink on New Year Eve

Ten people were treated at the Toxicology Clinic in Skopje after the New Year’s Eve.  The number is relatively low compared to previous years, testament to the crackdown on parties that was put in place because of the epidemic. Most of the patients were aged up to 22.  

World 01.01.21 | 11:20

The best fireworks displays in Europe

Despite the epidemic, many European cities rang in the New Year with impressive fireworks displays. Below are some of the best, such as Berlin, Paris and Moscow.

Macedonia 31.12.20 | 12:52

Interior Minister Spasovski threatens to break up New Year parties

The Interior Ministry will file charges against owners of vacation homes or apartments, who rent them out for New Year’s Eve parties. Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski called on citizens to report parties to a number that was set up for this purpose, and said that police units will respond quickly....

Macedonia 31.12.20 | 12:07

2021 will be year of change, Mickoski says

2021 will be year of change, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski in his New Year address. He blamed the Zaev regime of mishandling the coronavirus epidemic and ruining the economy while humiliating Macedonia at the international stage. They destroyed the economy and pushed us into a recession...

Macedonia 30.12.20 | 08:49

Unusually warm weather for the New Year holiday

The unseasonably warm weather continues, with forecasts predicting up to 18 degrees in the southern parts of Macedonia today. Daily highs will range between 13 and 18 degrees, which is very unusual this close to New Year. The holiday week will also see strong southern and south-eastern wind, with speeds...

Macedonia 29.12.20 | 13:36

Happy New Year – from the depths of lake Ohrid

Divers from the Amphora club in Ohrid and the local Underwater activities club congratulated the public on the coming 2021, in their own typical style. Divers took the message to the bottom of lake Ohrid, and dove to several locations, near the Bay of Bones, Trpejca and the St. Naum monastery, along...

Macedonia Culture 24.12.20 | 16:58

Philharmonic Orchestra aims to restore optimism with the New Year concert

New Year, New Beginning is the title of the last concert of 2020 planned by the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra. The concert is scheduled for Thursday evening, and will feature a blend of classics and jazz, conducted by Dzijan Emin. John Ilija Apelgren, Sarah Mace, Dejan Bobic, Polina Taseva and Kalina...

Macedonia 18.12.20 | 11:25

New Year restrictions go into effect

New social distancing measures go into effect today – the chief among which is the requirement that cafes and restaurants close by 18h, instead of the prior closing time of 21h. Citizens are also banned from renting apartments and vacation homes for New Year parties. It’s expected that the police...

Macedonia 17.12.20 | 14:12

Stricter new coronavirus restrictions go into effect while older ones remain ignored

New coronavirus restrictions that go into effect today include an earlier closing time for bars and restaurants and bans on gatherings in private homes over New Year. But the existing restrictions, that include bans on public gatherings, are widely ignored. Each evening town squares across Macedonia...

Macedonia 15.12.20 | 14:30

New closing time set at 18h in an attempt to prevent New Year parties

The Zaev Government announced a new set of coronavirus restrictions, meant to prevent holding New Year parties. In a joint press conference, Zaev and his Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce said that restaurants and bars will be ordered to close by 18h, instead of the current closing time of 21h. The ban...

Macedonia 10.12.20 | 20:48

Bitola can’t seem to get a New Year decoration right

Bitola town hall messed up the New Year decorating, putting up a message that is either misspelled or is in Bulgarian. The message originally declared “Zdrave 2021”, which means “health” in Bulgarian. In Macedonian, it should be “Zdravo 2021” (hello 2021) or “Zdravje 2021” (health in...

Macedonia 10.11.20 | 19:01

Despite the crisis, Skopje Mayor Silegov insists to put up New Year decorations

The SDSM party rejected the advice from VMRO-DPMNE to cancel the New Year decorations and divert the funds toward purchasing computers for poor families who can’t afford to allow their children to attend online classes. The not insignificant sum of 200,000 EUR that would be spent in the capital...

Macedonia 08.11.20 | 12:12

VMRO to Mayor Silegov: Cancel the New Year party, give the money to children who don’t have computers

Members of the Skopje city council from VMRO-DPMNE called on Mayor Petre Silegov to give up on his plan to spend 200,000 EUR on decorating the city for the New Year and to reallocate the money toward buying computers for children of poor families, struggling to attend online schooling. This is reckless...

Macedonia 01.01.20 | 15:38

Nikoloski: In 2020 we will win and begin the renewal of Macedonia

VMRO-DPMNE Vice-President Aleksandar Nikoloski detailed some of the worst failures of the Zaev regime in 2019, such as the Racket scandal and the loss of the much hoped for date to open EU accession talks. We leave a difficult year behind us. Macedonia was economically devastated and nationally disfigured....

Macedonia 01.01.20 | 12:07

Pro-Government journalist calls on TV editors to censor Hristijan Mickoski’s New Year message

A journalist close to the SDSM regime had the most petty New Year comment, when he called on media outlets not to broadcast the video message sent out by VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski. According to the comment, that was widely shared ahead of New Year’s day and was seen as an instruction...

Macedonia 01.01.20 | 11:33

Twin boy and girl – first babies born in 2020

Twins, brother and sister, were the first two children born in 2020 in Macedonia. The births were reported in the Skopje Clinic, a minute after midnight for the girl and two minutes later came the boy. The parents will receive presents from the city of Skopje.

Macedonia 31.12.19 | 16:11

Skopje clinics will be open non-stop for the New Year

Emergency medical teams and hospitals in Skopje will be on stand-by throughout the night to provide assistance to citizens who may get injured, or over-do it with the New Year celebrations. The clinics in Aerodrom, Cento, Cair, Shuto Orizari, Gjorce Petrov, Dracevo and Bit Pazar will operate in three...

Macedonia 30.12.19 | 10:48

New Year greetings from the Zaev family

Outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev congratulates the New Year to all citizens by posting photos of his family. Holidays bring special feelings of joy, warmth, and beauty to every home. Let use them to spend time with our loved ones and prepare jointly for new challenges, the outgoing Prime Minister...

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