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Macedonia 18.01.20 | 19:04

NLB bank robbers torched their getaway vehicle in a village near Skopje

The armed bank robbery that was carried out on Friday in Skopje’s Gjorce Petrov district was perpetrated by three attackers, the police informed today. The gang attacked an NLB bank branch and took about 8.700 EUR after threatening the employees with their weapons. After the robbery they fled in...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 19:59

Armed robbers grabbed 8.700 EUR from a bank in Skopje

Armed robbers took off with 8.700 EUR in their hit on an NLB bank branch in Skopje’s Gjorce Petrov district. The bank was robbed this morning. No customers or employees were harmed during the incident, the bank said.

Macedonia 08.07.19 | 17:30

Saraj robbery – armed attackers took 115.000 EUR from the local NLB bank branch

The four armed attackers who robbed an NLB bank branch in the village of Saraj west of Skopje today took off with 115.000 EUR, the bank informed. The robbery occurred at 10:40 and the attackers took only five minutes to subdue the staff and the customers and empty the safes. This is the second such robbery...

Macedonia 08.07.19 | 14:33

NLB bank in Saraj robbed

An armed group robbed early Monday the branch office of NLB Banka in the Skopje municipality of Saraj. An armed group robbed this morning the branch office of NLB Banka in the Skopje municipality of Saraj. At the time of the events in the branch office were present employees and clients, all of which...

Macedonia 16.04.19 | 16:38

NLB bank robbers took 150.000 EUR

The armed gang which robbed an NLB bank branch in Cair on Monday took 150.000 EUR, the bank revealed. Three bank employees were injured in the attack which was carried out by a well armed group. A security guard sustained injuries which required hospitalization, but is now discharged. Police found the...

Macedonia 15.04.19 | 12:54

One guard injured during armed bank robbery in Cair

During the brazen armed robbery of an NLB bank branch in Cair, one of the bank guards was injured. The attack happened around 10:30, and eyewitnesses say that they heard gunshots during the attack. Police sources told Republika that the injured 26 year old guard was not hurt by the firearms carried by...

Macedonia 15.04.19 | 12:03

Armed bank robbery in broad daylight – NLB bank attacked in Cair

A group of heavily armed criminals opened fire at an NLB bank branch in the Skopje Cair district. According to initial reports, there were injuries during the brazen daylight robbery.