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Macedonia 07.10.20 | 21:31

Infectious Disease Clinic nurses who Filipce persuaded to stay have been dismissed

The nurses who resigned from the Infectious Disease Clinic, and who were expressly received by the concerned minister the next day, were expressly dismissed from the positions of the ward, ie the chief nurse after the meeting, wrote Dr. Nenad Lazarov from the Association of Residents and Young Doctors...

Macedonia 06.10.20 | 21:32

Bislioska: Large number of nurses will leave the country and fill vacancies in healthcare facilities in Europe

We generally have daily reports from many hospitals across the country where nurses are leaving public to private health care in these pandemic conditions, and we all know this, especially in our field, that a large number of nurses have also left during the pandemic for better working conditions in...

Macedonia 29.09.20 | 22:41

Three nurses are leaving one of the main Covid-19 centers

Three nurses submitted their resignations from the Infectious Diseases Clinic in a matter of a week. The clinic is one of the two main Covid-19 centers in Macedonia, and is at the front-line of fighting the epidemic. One of them, a chief nurse, explained her resignation stating that she is leaving because...

Macedonia 15.06.20 | 10:38

Nurses from hospitals across Macedonia sent to Skopje as the number of Covid-19 patients continues to spike

More than 50 nurses and two doctors from cities across Macedonia are sent to the two main clinics in Skopje tasked with caring for the most difficult Covid-19 cases. Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce said that 54 nurses and the two doctors will be deployed to the Infectious Diseases Clinic and the 8th...

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