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Macedonia 28.04.21 | 20:55

Zaev: I can’t accept stubbornness in public officials

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev defended his decision to sack chief product safety inspector Stojko Paunovski by claiming the was “stubborn” and failed to implement a Government decision. Paunovski, a fried of Zaev and an official of his SDSM party, refused to admit three dozen unqualified ethnic...

Macedonia 27.04.21 | 19:54

Ousted inspection chief Paunovski says he had a dispute with Deputy Prime Minister Grubi, and not with Zaev

After he was removed from office Stojko Paunovski, director of the DPI product safety inspection service, said that he was ousted due to pressure from the office of First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi. Paunovski, a personal friend of Zoran Zaev, refused to admit unqualified Albanian employees into...

Macedonia 27.04.21 | 18:14

Government removes product safety bureau director who refused to hire unqualified ethnic Albanian employees

The Zaev Government removed Stojko Paunovski as head of the DPI product safety bureau. Paunovski, an SDSM party official and friend of Prime Minister Zaev, was removed after he refused to accept 33 unqualified ethnic Albanian “diversity hires” in the institution. Zaev was under strong pressure...

Macedonia 26.04.21 | 17:44

Zaev will initiate the removal of the director who refused to admit Albanian “diversity hires”

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced that he will put the removal of product safety director Stojko Paunovski at the agenda of the Government tomorrow. Paunovski, a personal friend of Zaev and an official of the ruling SDSM party, refused to admit three dozen ethnic Albanian “diversity hires”...

Macedonia 25.04.21 | 21:57

Nearly all product safety inspectors signed a petition against Zaev’s decision to have their director removed for insubordination

The head of the DPI product safety inspection service Stojko Paunovski said that he still hasn’t been removed from office, even after it was announced by Prime Minister Zaev. Paunovski, an official of the ruling SDSM party and personal friend of Zoran Zaev, was ordered by Zaev to step down after...

Macedonia 24.04.21 | 20:16

Safety inspector demand meeting with Zaev after he ordered their director removed for refusing to hire unqualified Albanian employees

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev refused to meet with officials from the State market inspection service (DPI), who are protesting his decision to replace their director Stojko Paunovski. Zaev called on Paunovski to resign after he refused to distribute 35 employees who are being transferred to DPI from the...

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