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Handball 27.03.23 | 10:54

The fans from Skopje and Bitola sat very close to each other: Spasovski’s police are guilty of the chaos in “Jane Sandanski”, they didn’t react in time

In Skopje, the biggest handball match was played, not only in Macedonia but also beyond. There is rarely such an atmosphere and charge as when Vardar and Pelister play. What should have been fun turned into chaos, and the only culprit is Oliver Spasovski’s police. Although a few days before the...

Handball 26.03.23 | 22:00

Vardar defeats Pelister by 7 goals

The current Macedonian handball champion Vardar 1961 is one step closer to defending the title after defeating Eurofarm Pelister 31:24. Vardar left at halftime with a 13-10 advantage, which with a furious start to the second half increased to 18-11 in the 36th minute. By the end of the match, Vardar...

Handball 26.03.23 | 21:32

Fight breaks out during the Vardar-Pelister handball match

Mass fight interrupted the Vardar-Pelister handball match in the “Jane Sandanski” hall in Skopje. The great match filled the hall literally to the last place. Five minutes after the start of the match, Pelister’s fans, the popular “Ckembari”, were let into the hall and...

Sport 31.03.22 | 16:46

Handball: Vardar and its captain Stoilov fined for the messy match against Pelister

The Handball Federation of Macedonia fined Vardar 1961 for poor organization of the match against Eurofarm Pelister last week, during which a major incident between the fans of the two sides erupted. Vardar captain Stojance Stoilov was suspended for aggressive behavior on the field. The team will pay...

Macedonia 27.02.22 | 19:17

150 mountaineers stuck in Hotel Molika, the road is covered with snow, there is no one to clean it

150 mountaineers from Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria are stuck in the Molika Hotel on Pelister and cannot go home, because they say the road on Pelister is not cleared due to heavy snow. Yesterday, they climbed the Neolica peak, on the march dedicated to the February campaign, and the expedition is organized...

Macedonia 24.11.21 | 17:24

Fire destroys Pelister lodge used by hikers

A lodge used by mountain climbers in Pelister, over Bitola, was destroyed in a fire. It is still not clear when the accident happened. Hikers shared pictures of the destroyed “Hunters’ Lodge” today. It provided shelter in a section of the hiking trails at a height of almost 2,000 meters. Bitola...

Macedonia 08.10.21 | 13:40

First snow on Mt. Pelister

The Bitola region saw its first snow of the year, with the popular Pelister resort covered in white this morning. Temperatures dropped across Macedonia yesterday and while most of the country is under clouds and lots of rain, the mountains are seeing light snowfalls.

Macedonia Sport 15.05.21 | 22:08

Handball: Vardar wins the Macedonia Cup after a difficult final game against Pelister

Vardar won the Macedonian Handball Cup for the 14th time, after a difficult final against Eurofarm Pelister. Vardar dominated the game, but slipped in the final minutes, allowing the Bitola team to catch up. In the end, Vardar managed to hold Pelister back and the end result was 26:24 in favor of the...

Macedonia 27.05.20 | 12:14

Unexpected snow falls on the highest mountains in Macedonia

An unexpected cold spell caused rare late May snowfalls at the highest mountains in Macedonia. The Popova Sapka ski resort, Pelister over Bitola and other mountains saw snow today and temperatures below zero. The cold and wet weather is expected to last until the end of the week.

Macedonia 14.10.19 | 13:06

Mountain climber from Bitola required helicopter evacuation from the Pelister peak

A 26 year old mountain climber from Bitola was badly injured when he fell into a ravine while climbing the Pelister peak. A rescue helicopter had to be sent to pull the man, identified as K.M., from the place where he fell on the Baba mountain. He was quickly transported to the Skopje clinic for treatment.