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Macedonia 30.07.22 | 14:48

Mickoski: After 70 years, the municipality of Petrovec will get a new municipal building, which it will build with its own funds

The municipality of Petrovec will get a new municipal building after 75 years. A delegation of VMRO-DPMNE led by the president Hristijan Mickoski attended Saturday the cornerstone laying ceremony. Nothing has been done for more than 70 years, but that’s why now something is finally being done that...

Macedonia 06.10.21 | 19:26

Mickoski blasts Filipce for going to rallies, laughing, when people burn alive

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hrsitijan Mickoski at Wednesday’s rally in Petrovec blasted Zoran Zaev for taking Venko Filipce to rallies with him, and he also blasted Filipce going to rallies, laughing, when 14 living people burned alive in the Tetovo hospital, emphasizing that he will not accept the report...

Macedonia 06.10.21 | 17:36

Live stream: VMRO-DPMNE’s rally in Petrovec

Macedonia 27.09.21 | 16:29

Police official close to SDSM, with a history of violent conduct, stabbed his son

Zvonko Cvetkovski, former Mayor of Petrovec near Skopje from SDSM, stabbed and injured his 22 year old son, the local police informed. Cvetkovski is now a powerful local police official. The attack followed an argument between the two – it’s not clear what about. In 2019, Cvetkovski’s...

Macedonia 24.09.21 | 21:20

“The financial police is the new SPO for SDSM: Three days before the campaign, it files charges against a candidate for mayor of the opposition”

The Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Fight against Corruption and Crime, Sustainable Development and Human Resources, Ljupco Nikolovski and the Director of the Financial Police, Arafat Muaremi, held Friday a joint press conference where they informed about grounds for suspicion of crimes committed...

Macedonia 27.04.21 | 14:01

Mickoski in Petrovec: The difference between the mayors of VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM is evident

Hristijan Mickoski, the leader of VMRO DPMNE visited Tuesday the village of Ciflik, in the municipality of Petrovec where he said that the difference between the mayors of VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM was obvious. The last time I was in the municipality of Petrovec, we were visiting the economic zone and then...

Economy 06.02.21 | 17:29

Mickoski: 17 new investments in Petrovec, the mayor of Petrovec gives lessons to the government

Today we are here in the municipality of Petrovec as the mayor said, to talk about a success story that has been operating here for the past few years, we also have 17 new investors from a few days ago here in Petrovec, and we expect an additional 4 in the coming days, 500 new jobs in addition to the...

Macedonia 04.07.20 | 21:33

Mickoski asks voters to choose pride, economic renewal

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski asked the voters in Skopje’s Ilinden and Petrovec suburbs to choose whether they want to turn left and continue the humiliations and lack of justice, of to vote right and restore their pride. Do you want to vote for criminals who were given pardons, for people...

Macedonia 22.11.19 | 16:50

Petrovec fire leaves 10 families without roof over their heads

A single-story house burned down to the ground in Petrovec on Friday morning. No one was injured, but the fire left 10 families without a roof over their heads. After the fire brigade received the call reporting the fire at 8:30 am, firefighters managed to extinguish the fire completely around 10 am. According...

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