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Macedonia 13.07.20 | 11:51

Angela Georgievska (23) charged with assisting in the murder of her boyfriend, sentenced to 19 years in prison

The court handed a very long sentence to the 23 year old Angela Georgievska, who was charged with assisting and inspiring the murder of her boyfriend Pineta – Pino – Secondo (26). The murder was perpetrated in December 2018, by Ali Furkan, who was also involved with Georgievska. The prosecution...

Macedonia 27.11.19 | 15:19

Girl charged over the murder of Pino Secondo denies any involvement

Angela Georgievska (22), who is on trial for her role in the murder of 26 year old Pino Secondo in Skopje, declared herself not guilty and said that she feels no remorse since she was not involved in the case. Georgievska is suspected of inspiring the murder, as part of a love triangle with Secondo and...

Macedonia 05.07.19 | 21:10

Pino’s mother arrested during a protest for shouting “Macedonia”

Maja Trpkovska, who son Pino Secondo was murdered late last year and the body found only after a search lasting months, was arrested today while protesting in downtown Skopje. She says that the police moved on her after she started shouting the name of the country – Macedonia. Trpkovska faults...

Macedonia 01.07.19 | 23:32

Pino’s mother announced charges against the police for botching the murder investigation

Maja Trpkovska, the mother of tragically killed 26 year old Pino Secondo, announced she is filing a lawsuit against the police for failures in the investigation. Secondo was considered missing for almost half a year and his mother frequently accused the police of doing nothing to find him. The missing...

Macedonia 08.03.19 | 19:01

Parents of two missing persons will protest in front of the Parliament, doubtful the police is doing anything to find their loved ones

Maja Tprkovska and Bekir Aslan, parents for Pino Sekondo and Arben Aslan, who have been missing for months, will protest tomorrow in front of the Parliament. Trpkovska says that her 26 year old son has been missing for three months now. The inspector who was assigned to the case in the meantime retired...

Macedonia 21.02.19 | 15:27

Another person goes missing in Skopje

The family of a 35 year old man from Skopje reported him missing. Goran Atanasovski was last seen in a downtown shopping mall and was planning to go to a hardware store in the eastern Gazi Baba district, but then all contact was lost. The family gave a contact number and description of the missing person....

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