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Macedonia 04.05.21 | 15:35

EU is proving its dedication to the Balkans with the delivery of vaccines, Pisonero says

The European Union is proving its support for the Western Balkans countries with its delivery of Pfizer vaccines, said EU spokeswoman Ana Pisonero. Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi is in Macedonia today, as part of his Balkan tour with Austrian Minister Karoline Edtstadler, during which Macedonia...

Macedonia 20.01.21 | 20:35

EC expects Macedonia to hold a census in line with European standards and regulations

The EU Commission expects Macedonia to hold a census in line with European standards and regulations, spokeswoman Ana Pisonero told Republika. Candidate countries are encouraged to conduct a census in line with the EU Regulations as part of the pre-accession preparations. The applicable EU legislation...

Macedonia 16.11.20 | 14:47

EU says “no comment” on latest Bulgarian demand – that Macedonia gives up Tito

The European Commission said it will not comment on the latest Bulgarian demand – that Macedonia stops honoring the communist dictator Josip Broz – Tito. The demand caused much anger on the Macedonian left, which, up until now, was willing to accept major concessions with other historic figures. Bulgarian...

Macedonia 29.04.20 | 18:24

Macedonia could begin EU accession talks before the end of 2020

Macedonia can hope to open accession talks at the end of the year at best, reports the MIA news agency. EU spokeswoman Ana Pisonero told MIA that the negotiating framework for Macedonia could be presented in June, but then it needs to be approved by all EU member states. EU countries approved the opening...

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