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Macedonia 25.10.21 | 10:35

VMRO-DPMNE reveals the names of the police officers who followed Jovceski, shared information on his whereabouts on “Viber”

Instead of criminals, the police of Zaev and Spasovski are chasing opposition candidates and activists, accuses VMRO-DPMNE, revealing the identity of the police officers who participated in the surveillance of the candidate for mayor of Prilep, Borce Jovceski. Darko Cuculoski – Commander of the...

Macedonia 01.03.21 | 14:23

Young police officers were sent to the violent protest over the “Monster” case without adequate protective equipment

Eleven police officers were injured in Friday’s protests over the “Monster” case verdict. Although riots were expected, as in previous such protests, and although a strong police presence was noticed, a large number of young police officers could be seen in the frontlines of the police...

Macedonia 06.02.21 | 13:53

Three vehicles and money from drug sales seized in police operation in Prilep

Police arrested six people and seized three vehicles and money for which there is evidence that they come from the sale of drugs, marijuana, cocaine, mobile phones and other items during raids at 16 locations in Prilep, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, Toni Angelovski. He informed that since...

World 03.03.20 | 11:25

Austria to send police officers to Hungary-Serbia border

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer has announced support for border protection against migrants going to Greece and the Western Balkans. Due to the current situation at the Turkey-Greece border, Nehammer agreed with Hungarian counterpart Sándor Pintér, Austria agreed to send police officers...

Life 29.01.19 | 14:01

Chaos in Shuto Orizari: People thought they caught kidnappers, end up beating police officers

Two police officers were hospitalized late Monday after being attacked by a large group of people in Shuto Orizari. As the Interior Ministry informed, three people were attacked, two of whom were police officers, and it was reported that the three had dragged a female person into a van. “A girl...

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