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Macedonia 26.06.22 | 09:24

VMRO-DPMNE: Citizens to face new price shock with new increase in electricity, SDSM/DUI criminal government hits people’s pockets again

The citizens will face a new price shock with the new increase of electricity, the criminal government of SDSM and DUI hit the pockets of the citizens again. There are no higher salaries, higher pensions, social assistance, there are no higher subsidies for farmers, nor capital investments, but for the...

Economy 02.06.22 | 08:45

Food and fuel are becoming a luxury, the government has yet to prepare anti-crisis measures

After the wave of increase in food and energy prices after the anti-crisis measures expired, the Government announces new measures that will be more targeted at those who need them most. The opposition, on the other hand, announced that it will propose legal solutions that would exempt food products...

Economy 16.02.22 | 11:46

Price hike in intercity bus transport, return ticket to Ohrid now costs 930 denars

The bus ticket to Kumanovo is 30 denars more expensive in one direction and from today it costs 150 denars. If calculated in percentages, it turns out that the increase for this 40-kilometer route is as much as 25%. Until last spring, the ticket was 100 denars, but then it jumped to 120 and now it has...

Economy 09.10.21 | 11:02

VMRO-DPMNE: Inflation announced to grow, prices jump, and Zaev lies that everything is fine

Inflation announced to grow, prices jump, and Zaev lies that everything is fine. The prices of basic products in the last year have increased by up to 20% in retail sales, this should not be said by any research, it is felt and seen by the citizens every day. The Governor of the NBRM, contrary to Zaev,...

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