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Macedonia 03.09.23 | 10:22

Rain and start of fall weather expected next week

A rainstorm is expected tomorrow and forecasters predict it will reduce temperatures by 10 degrees. Rains will begin on Sunday evening and will last through Monday. Temperatures will again pick up on Tuesday, but will be below the current heatwave conditions.

Macedonia 06.08.23 | 09:29

Clean up after the storm which ended the heatwave

Municipal authorities across Macedonia are clearing up the damage caused by yesterday’s storm, which downed trees and caused small scale flooding. Most rain fell in Pozar – 47 liters per square meter, followed by Berovo and Stip (31 and 26 liters). The storm did bring temperatures down and...

Macedonia 10.12.22 | 19:12

Snow expected on Monday

Forecasters are predicting rain and snow starting today and from Monday. The rains will begin today afternoon and overnight, accompanied by moderately strong wind from the south east. Temperatures will drop on Monday which will lead to snow, especially in the higher, northern parts of the country.

Macedonia 27.11.22 | 10:13

Snow in the mountains, more expected next week

Forecasters are predicting snow in the mountains today. Temperatures are expected to raise between 3 and 9 degrees, and the morning lows range between – 4 and 3 degrees. More snow is expected on Monday before a new wet front on Wednesday that will bring rain to the lower regions and snow to the...

Macedonia 06.11.22 | 12:42

Wet front over Macedonia

After weeks of a warm and dry autumn, Macedonia is now under a wet front. The south, especially the area of Demir Kapija, saw up to 63 liters of rain per square meter. Krusevo and the broader Pelagonija region also saw a lot of rain. Temperatures are also dropping slightly, and are expected to reach...

Life 30.05.22 | 09:00

Rain expected in the afternoon

Partly sunny with a chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Light to moderate westerly and northwesterly winds are expected. Temperatures will range between 24C and 31C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 28C.

Macedonia 29.05.22 | 09:45

Tetovo streets under water due to landslides, new bridge fails to withstand the rain

After several hours of rain in the Tetovo region, problems emerged last night on the Sipkovica – Brodec road, as well as on several city streets that were flooded due to large amounts of water accumulated on the lanes. The Sipkovica – Brodec section is blocked due to landslides and stones...

Macedonia 01.05.22 | 10:12

Expect rain over the May Day weekend

The weather today, for the second day of the long, three day weekend, will be cloudly with occassional bouts of rain. The May Day weekend is traditionally used for grilling and hiking, even though it is often marred by rain. Forecasters expect daily highs to reach between 13 and 19 degrees. Over the...

Macedonia 25.12.21 | 22:14

Rainy and warmer than average period is ahead of us

Forecasters are expecting rains to start tomorrow and last at least until Wednesday. Temperatures will go up and reach up to 12 degrees tomorrow and the lows will go down to -2. It’s expected that the warmer than average temperatures may melt some of the snow that fell in the mountains over the...

Macedonia 07.12.21 | 17:00

Rain and snow expected over the weekend

Strong rains are expected during the weekend, forecasters warn. The rains, which will turn to snow in the mountains, will be strongest on Saturday. Forecasters expect this period of wet and cold weather to persist for days.

Macedonia 07.10.21 | 09:18

Rainy weather expected over the next week

Macedonia is in for at least a week of rain, as the summer is officially over. Temperatures over the next week will range between 10 and 16 degrees. A moderate wind is expected from the south-east.

Macedonia 27.09.21 | 16:22

Rains and a serious drop in temperatures expected over the coming days

A cold front is heading toward Macedonia, and is expected to cause a significant drop in temperatures. Some parts of the country can expect to see strong rains. All of Macedonia will experience a drop of temperatures of about 10 degrees that will last until the weekend.

Macedonia 18.09.21 | 13:40

Rain causes flooding in parts of Veles

The rain this morning caused flooding in parts of Veles. Streets that do not have a developed rainwater collection system were particularly vulnerable and quickly turned into small lakes. Locals shared video of the flooding.

Macedonia 25.08.21 | 09:36

Rain expected over the next two days

Forecasters predict rain today and tomorrow. Temperatures acros macedonia will drop by a few degrees, to maximum highs between 27 and 36 degrees. The lows will reach between 12 and 20 degrees. At times, the rain will be accompanied by thunder. Starting on Friday, the weather should stabilize.

Macedonia 21.08.21 | 10:29

Summer rain brings a drop in temperatures

Some welcome rain caused a drop in temperatures across Macedonia this morning, after a month of an intense heatwave. Temperatures today are still expected to reach over 30, and the coming days will be warm and sunny, but more rain is expected later next week.  

Macedonia 17.08.21 | 19:24

Rainstorm helps bring temperatures down by a few degrees

After weeks under heatwave conditions, a powerful rainstorm blasted Macedonia today. The short but intense rain brought the temperatures down by a few degrees. The rain, accompanied by thunder, is expected to continue into Wednesday, and the temperatures will go down from the current highs of 40 to between...

Macedonia 16.08.21 | 19:49

The heatwave will begin to abate on Wednesday

Forecasters give the lengthy heatwave that enveloped Macedonia one more day. Temperatures on Tuesday are expected to hit nearly 40 degrees again, but starting on Wednesday, a drop will finally begin. The heatwave has been in effect since mid July and led to devastating forest fires. As of Wednesday,...

Macedonia 13.07.21 | 10:54

Macedonia remains under a heatwave

The heatwave is expected to continue over the coming days. Forecasters predict that the daily highs will range between 31 and 39 degrees, and that the UV solar radiation index will reach 9. Rains and thunderstorms can be expected on Friday evening, but temperatures will remain high. The weekend will...

Macedonia 12.05.21 | 16:57

Storm expected to hit this afternoon

Forecasters are warning the public about a coming storm, expected to hit northern and north-eastern parts of Macedonia this evening. Strong rain, thunder and even hail can be expected. The weather will brighten up on Thursday and Friday before the rain returns on Saturday. 

Macedonia 31.01.21 | 18:39

Strong rains expected this evening and overnight

Strong rains are expected this evening, with up to 20 liters per square meter predicted in some areas, over 12 hours. Higher elevation areas will see snow instead of the rain. The rains will continue into Monday, albeit with a lower intensity.