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Macedonia 18.11.19 | 22:08

Rains expected Tuesday afternoon and into Wednesday

Forecasters are expecting rains starting tomorrow afternoon, and lasting into Wednesday. The rains will be especially strong in the south-east,w where up to 35 liters per square meter are expected to fall. Temperatures will range up to 17 degrees Centigrade.

Macedonia 07.11.19 | 10:10

Forecast: Rainy and warm over the next few days

Forecasters expect a rainy period in Macedonia, while the temperatures will remain well above the seasonal averages. The rains expected through the week will be most pronounced in the western parts of the country, and can reach up to 30 liters per square meter at places. South-eastern winds are expected...

Macedonia 16.09.19 | 21:56

Significant drop in temperatures expected starting Wednesday

A major drop in temperatures is expected on Wednesday evening, and by Saturday, we can see temperatures around 0 overnight. Forecasters say that on Thursday, temperatures can drop by 10 degrees compared to Wednesday, and strong winds and occasional rains can be expected. Temperatures will still rise...

Macedonia 11.09.19 | 08:37

Rainstorm expected this afternoon

Forecasters expect a storm this afternoon. At the end of the sunny and seasonably warm day, forecasters see a cold front coming in, which can cause strong rains,winds and thunder. Temperatures across Macedonia will range between 10 in the morning and 33 degrees.

Macedonia 24.05.19 | 20:15

Afternoon rainstorm hits Macedonia

The forecast afternoon storm is rolling over Macedonia. Temperatures have dropped signifncantly and rains and thunderstorms are reported across the country. Saturday should be calmer, warmer and more stable, but on Sunday, the rains will pick up again, forecasters says.

Macedonia 12.04.19 | 11:03

Rainy and windy afternoons expected today and through the weekend

Unstable weather will extend into Friday and the weekend, with rains, wind and thunderstorms. On Friday, the rain and the wind are expected mostly in the afternoon. Temperatures will remain relatively high, ranging between 12 and 21 degrees. Similar weather patterns will continue until Monday.

Macedonia 11.03.19 | 21:10

Major storm set to strike Macedonia

A powerful storm is heading toward Macedonia, and is expected to bring strong winds and rain, with snow on the mountains. Wind speeds are expected to reach up to 90 kilometers per hour. Temperatures will drop by as much as 15 degrees, completely reversing the spring-time temperatures which the public...