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Macedonia 31.01.21 | 18:39

Strong rains expected this evening and overnight

Strong rains are expected this evening, with up to 20 liters per square meter predicted in some areas, over 12 hours. Higher elevation areas will see snow instead of the rain. The rains will continue into Monday, albeit with a lower intensity.

Macedonia 24.12.20 | 17:09

Forecasters expect a rainy weekend

Forecasters are expecting a serious change in weather this weekend, with strong rains and snow expected over Macedonia. The rains will begin on Friday afternoon, but will intensify on Saturday, especially in the western parts of the country. Up to 25 liters per square meter are expected. The rainstorm...

Macedonia 08.12.20 | 18:44

Snow and strong rain expected tomorrow

After a lengthy dry period, forecasters are predicting strong rain and snow tomorrow. Some parts of Macedonia will see up to 20 liters of rain per square meter. The long dry spell greatly reduced water levels in the lakes and aquifiers and any rain is more than welcome.

Macedonia 30.11.20 | 08:58

After a long dry spell, Macedonia expects some rain in the coming days

After a long dry spell, Macedonia saw some light rain yesterday, and forecasters are expecting more rains starting Wednesday. The drought brought many of the artificial lakes used for irrigation and to generate electricity to a bare minimum, and the situation is bad even in the large natural lake Prespa....

Macedonia 12.10.20 | 09:59

Major rainstorm expected in the evening

A strong storm front is expected to envelop Macedonia this evening and bring rains and thunder well into Tuesday. The front is moving from the West and will bring up to 30 or 40 liters of rain per square meter. Temperatures are expected to drop tomorrow, before the storm calms down in the evening.

Macedonia 10.10.20 | 17:50

Storm front moving toward Macedonia

Strong rains are expected across Macedonia starting Tuesday. The weather is forecast to get steadily warmed for the rest of the weekend and on Monday, but on Monday afternoon a storm front will begin to move across the country, causing rain, thunder and strong winds. Forecasters expect up to 35 liters...

Macedonia 26.09.20 | 20:50

Storm caused rains and strong winds across Macedonia

A powerful storm hit Macedonia overnight and through much of Saturday, pouring rain and later causing gusts of wind. Strumica received 40 liters of rain per square meter, and eastern cities like Kriva Palanka received 25. Temperatures also dropped noticeably. Unstable weather will continue on Sunday,...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 09:38

Storm expected over the weekend

Forecasters are warning about the possibility of heavy rain over the weekend, especially on Saturday. Macedonia will be under a storm front, with strong winds and thunderstorms expected. The storm front will be over the country between Saturday and Monday, with the brunt of the rain expected on Saturday....

Macedonia 11.08.20 | 13:04

Afternoon storms expected in the coming days

Forecasters are warning the citizens to be prepared for summer rainstorms starting tomorrow afternoon. These storms can cause localized flooding. The unstable weather will persist through the weekend. Temperatures will remain high, ranging between 27 and 36 degrees around noon.

Macedonia 06.08.20 | 16:53

Recently broadened streets in the Mother Teresa complex flooded by the summer rains

During the coronavirus epidemic, the Healthcare Ministry made much of the fact that it reorganized the way traffic is conducted in the decrepit Mother Teresa clinic complex in Skopje – Macedonia’s largest and outdated healthcare institution. The notoriously clogged streets were broadened...

Macedonia 04.08.20 | 20:27

Citizens of Kumanovo warned to prepare for a major storm

Forecasters have warned the people of Kumanovo to be prepared for a major storm this evening. Earlier the capital Skopje was pounded by a strong hail. The Skopje valley is affected by an unstable cloud mass causing rains, thunder and hail. It is moving toward the east and the valley of Kumanovo, the...

Macedonia 04.08.20 | 18:16

Intense hail the size of walnuts fell on Skopje

A strong summer storm hit parts of Skopje today, pouring rain and hail the size of walnuts. Streets overflowed with water as the drains were unable to cope with the amount of rain. The intense hail also caused some damage and sent citizens running for cover. The coming days are also expected to be rainy,...

Macedonia 01.08.20 | 10:39

Cooler weather at the start of the Ilinden weekend

After a lengthy heat-wave, Macedonia experienced a strong rainstorm yesterday evening, and a somewhat cooler and cloudy start to the Ilinden weekend. Temperatures today are a few degrees lower than the past days and the highs will range between 30 and 38. A moderate to strong wind from the north is also...

Macedonia 04.07.20 | 22:11

Streets flooded in Bitola after a torrential rain

A torrential summer rain caused flooding in parts of Bitola. Citizens are sharing pictures of cars half submerged in murky water and farmers are also reporting damages. Surprisingly, the rain affected even the higher areas of the city. It was a short but intense burst of rain, typical for the summer...

Macedonia 03.07.20 | 09:49

Torrential rains expected until mid next week

Hot sunny weather and downpours in the afternoons are forecast for Friday, but also for the days leading up to mid next week. Daily highs will reach up to 35 degrees, and will be followed by torrential rains. Saturday and Sunday are forecast to have the most rain, and temperatures will be somewhat lower...

Macedonia 29.06.20 | 12:54

Heatwave in Macedonia, some rain expected on Thursday and Friday

The on-going heat wave will last until Thursday afternoon, when we can expect rain and a drop in temperatures to drop. Until then, daily highs will be between 30 and 38 degrees. But even with the expected rains on Thursday and Friday afternoon, temperatures won’t drop by much, and Saturday will...

Macedonia 20.06.20 | 09:42

Summer begins – temperatures of up to 32 degrees and afternoon rainstorms expected

Temperatures in Macedonia are expected to reach 32 degrees, as the summer begins in earnest. The range of high daily temperatures will be between 24 and 32. Also, typically for summer, in the afternoon today and in the coming days we can expect brief but rains, accompanied by winds and thunder.

Macedonia 20.04.20 | 15:48

Rain and even snow expected starting tomorrow

The weather across Macedonia is about to take a turn for the worse starting Monday evening. Rains and strong winds are expected, and temperatures will drop noticeably. On Wednesday, forecasters even expect snow in the mountains.

Macedonia 14.03.20 | 09:03

Forecasters expect a rainy, colder weekend

After a few days of warm, spring weather, Macedonia is in for rain and a drop in temperatures. The change in weather patterns is expected to begin Saturday afternoon and last through the weekend. Sunday will see strong rains, up to 20 liters per square meter, with chances of snow in the mountains. Starting...

Macedonia 18.11.19 | 22:08

Rains expected Tuesday afternoon and into Wednesday

Forecasters are expecting rains starting tomorrow afternoon, and lasting into Wednesday. The rains will be especially strong in the south-east,w where up to 35 liters per square meter are expected to fall. Temperatures will range up to 17 degrees Centigrade.