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Macedonia 05.04.22 | 15:43

Spanish woman was held in a hotel room in Struga against her will and repeatedly raped

A 39 year old woman from Spain was kept in a hotel in Struga for several days and raped by a 29 year old local man. The attacker, identified by the police only as Sh.S. from the village of Radolishta, invited the woman over from Tirana. After she arrived, he kept her in the hotel room against her will...

Macedonia 04.02.22 | 17:01

Kavadarci: Elderly man investigated for trying to rape a minor

Kavadarci police is investigating a 70 year old man who reportedly tried to rape a minor. The man was identified by the police as I.I. The attack occurred on January 25th.  

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 10:53

Kavadarci: 19 year old raped his underage sister

Kavadarci police is investigating a horrific report that a 19 year old man raped his 11 year old sister. The attack reportedly happened in the village of Drenovo. The attacker has been detained for 30 days.  

Macedonia 19.01.22 | 18:44

Underage girl raped near Probistip

An underage girl from a village near Probistip was reportedly raped on Friday. The assault was reported by her mother, who said that a 27 year old man from the area of Kratovo attacked her daughter. Prosecutors have been notified and the allegation is being investigated.

Macedonia 24.08.21 | 14:59

13 year old girl managed to fight off a rapist

A 13 year old girl from Gradsko successfully fended off a rapist who attacked her last week. The police informed today that it is prosecuting a 40 year old man who attacked the girl. The girl was at a party in her uncle’s home, and when she left, the suspect followed her. At one point he caught...

Macedonia 28.04.21 | 17:14

Attempted rape in Gostivar

A 41 year old man from Gostivar is facing charges after an attempted rape yesterday. The man assaulted a woman in her home. He demanded coffee from her and when she refused, he began hitting her and touching her. The woman resisted and at one moment managed to free herself from the man and ran into the...

Macedonia 26.04.21 | 19:06

15-year old from a village near Strumica investigated for raping an impaired 18-year old woman

Strumica police is investigating a reported rape of an 18 year old impaired woman by a 15 year old boy. The incident reportedly happened in the village of Vasilevo at the beginning of the month.

Macedonia 23.04.21 | 14:01

Three men detained in Strumica for rape

The Strumica court ordered three men to be detained for carrying out a rape of a local woman. The attack was perpetrated on April 8th in an underground garage in the city center. One of the men raped the woman while the other two are charged as accomplices.

Macedonia 12.03.21 | 12:54

Gostivar: Rapist charged for an assault perpetrated in December

Gostivar prosecutors filed rape charges against a 49 year old man. He is charged with attacking a woman in mid December, taking her to her home and forcing himself on her. At one moment during the assault the woman was able to push the attacker away and flee.

Macedonia 26.01.21 | 22:23

Milososki: In Parliament we have a MP who raped a woman

VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki at today’s Parliament session on the Draft Law on Prevention and Protection from Violence against Women and Domestic Violence supported this law and agreed that the Labor Ministry and the body that will deal with this issue in the future not only should they keep...

Macedonia 17.01.21 | 17:12

Man from Struga prevented the rape of his niece

A man from a village near Struga prevented the rape of his 27 year old niece. The incident was reported by the man to Ohrid police yesterday evening. The 42 year old man said that he found a minor trying to rape his niece, after hearing the woman screaming and seeking help from neighbors. Police officers...

Macedonia 25.12.20 | 18:01

Charges filed over a brutal rape in Skopje

Charges were filed today in a brutal rape that was perpetrated in Skopje in late September. The culprit, a 55 year old man, forced a woman into his car and drove her to an apartment where he threatened to attack her daughter before raping her and beating her up. Skopje court ordered detention and is...

Macedonia 19.12.20 | 19:45

High school teacher from Krusevo accused of trying to rape a minor

A woman from Krusevo reported that a high school teacher tried to sexually assault her minor daughter. Local police detained the teacher, identified only as D.K. (54), and he is being kept in the Prilep police station, while prosecutors prepare charges.

Macedonia 02.11.20 | 14:54

Rape in Delcevo, attacker detained

A man from Delcevo was detained after reportedly raping a woman on Saturday. The incident occurred in the woman’s home, where the man forced his way in. The court ordered 30 days detention for the attacker.

Macedonia 29.09.20 | 16:45

Veles police investigating a reported rape

Veles police is investigating a rape that was reported by a 24 year old woman. The woman said that the attack occurred on September 20, in a hotel in Veles and again at an outside location. The attacker was an acquaintance of her friend.

Macedonia 26.08.20 | 12:23

Man from Tetovo charged with raping three minors over the past two years

A 43 year old man from a village near Tetovo is charged with rape against three minors aged 14. The assaults were perpetrated in 2019 and 2020, and the man used weapons, including a gun, and photographs to intimidate the minors into sexual acts. The court ordered a month long detention of the predator.

Macedonia 22.08.20 | 15:03

Rape reported in Ohrid

A 39 year old woman from Ohrid was raped yesterday. The police has identified the attacker, who is being prosecuted. The woman reported physical assault preceding the rape that occurred yesterday evening.

Macedonia 06.08.20 | 19:42

Girl (14) was blackmailed and raped by a 25 year old man

Prosecutors have charged a 25 yera old man from the village of Debreste near Prilep, who blackmailed a 14 year old girl and sexually assaulted her several times. The man got into a social media communication with the girl, and then threatened to publish a picture she sent him unless she agrees to have...

Macedonia 25.05.20 | 15:19

Stip police investigating a rape attempt

A 21 year old woman from Stip reported that she was a victim of an attempted rape in her home. The attacker is identified as 22 year old C.R. from Vinica. The woamn said that he entered her home shortly after midnight and tried to rape her. Stip police is investigating the incident.

Macedonia 08.04.20 | 13:32

An eleven year old girl was subjected to repeated rapes by a cousin, TV21 reports

An eleven year old girl was sexually abused by a close relative, TV21 reports. The girl was subjected to repeated rapes by her 19 year old cousin, that lasted over a year. The traumatized girl was examined at the Skopje clinic, where the assaults were confirmed. According to the TV station, the mother...

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