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Macedonia 13.08.19 | 23:19

Zaev says he is not considering a resignation or holding early elections

Sidelined by the shocking homophobic and threatening statement Zoran Zaev made this afternoon were his political announcements. The Prime Minister said that he is not considering a resignation or early general elections, despite the major corruption scandal that is rocking his Government. Zaev uses...

Macedonia 09.07.19 | 13:47

Zaev sees no reason to resign after scandalous phone conversations with Russian pranksters

Zoran Zaev held a press conference today to insist that the conversation he had with Russian pranksters, during which he revealed sensitive information and agreed to engage in crime, is not grounds for his resignation. Zaev played the victim during the press conference. Why do you think that was done...

Macedonia 01.06.19 | 12:43

I resign from my seat in Parliament, they are obsessed with me

Former Prime Minister, MP Nikola Gruevski, informed Saturday in a Facebook post that he resigns from his seat in Parliament. The strategy of SDSM is visible in its everyday failures, crime, mass corruption, numerous unfulfilled promises, nepotism, and a myriad of other weaknesses trying to conceal them...

Macedonia 30.05.19 | 19:11

Zekoli: Zaev still finds it ridiculous and absurd to resign

The weeks ahead of us will be relatively decisive for the future of Macedonia and qualitatively for the fate of Zaev as prime minister, political analyst Arsim Zekoli writes in his column for Deutsche Welle. In the third year of his reign, Zoran Zaev still finds it ridiculous and absurd to even mention...

Macedonia 27.05.19 | 12:08

Silegov: You can’t fire me, I quit

Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov tried to clarify today that he was not dismissed as Vice – President of the ruling SDSM party, but that he resigned. Silegov is one of the six deputy leaders of Zoran Zaev’s party who were removed yesterday, as part of his purge of corrupt and incompetent officials. Let’s...

Macedonia 30.04.19 | 20:27

Zaev threatened Merkel and Macron he will resign if Macedonia doesn’t open EU accession talks?

Kosovan media who covered the Berlin summit are reporting that Zoran Zaev threatened to resign as Prime Minister if Macedonia is not given a date to open accession talks. Zaev met with Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron in Berlin, and the Balkan summit was followed by clear indications from France that...

Culture 03.04.19 | 13:23

Ademi on the verge of resignation after he cut public funding for many of Zaev’s supporters

Culture Minister Asaf Ademi, who faced extensive criticism after cutting Macedonian cultural programs from the budget in favor of promoting Albanian culture, is on the verge of resignation. According to the pro-Government Nezavisen daily, the resignation will be presented as caused by “health reasons”. The...

Macedonia 25.02.19 | 20:22

Director of Shutka prison has not resigned even though he said he would do it

The director of the Shutka investigative prison, Gjoko Kotevski, has not submitted his resignation, as he said, Sitel reports. He said that he was going to leave the director’s office today, at the same time publish the report on the incident in which former Ministers Janakieski and Ristovski...

Macedonia 22.02.19 | 12:30

Kotevski: The Prime Minister’s request for my resignation will be realized

The Prime Minister’s request is final and it will be realized, the director of the Shutka prison, Gjoko Kotevski told Plusinfo, after Prime Minister Zoran Zaev demanded his resignation following the incident in the prison where the ex-ministers Mile Janakieski and Spiro Ristovski were attacked.

World 21.12.18 | 10:43

Mattis resigning as Pentagon chief after clashes with Trump

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis resigned Thursday after clashing with President Donald Trump over the abrupt withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria and after two years of deep disagreements over America’s role in the world, AP reports. Mattis, perhaps the most respected foreign policy official in Trump’s...