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Economy 11.05.22 | 13:16

Energy regulator warns citizens to expect high electricity prices through 2023

Energy regulatory agency director Marko Bislimoski said that the consumers should expect high electricity prices through the next year. Macedonia suffered a near total collapse of domestic electricity production in late 2021, due to corruption and mismanagement in the state energy companies, and was...

Economy 10.03.22 | 15:34

Another gas price hike expected later today

The RKE regulatory commission announced another gas price hike later today. The commission amended its model and is now changing the gas price daily, depending on fluctuations on the international markets. It especially hiked the diesel fuel price, almost equaling it to the regular gas. The Government...

Economy 15.02.22 | 21:46

Energy crisis: Energy regulator director paints a rosy picture of the dire situation

As Macedonia remains mired in a deep energy crisis, with very low domestic electricity production and exorbitant import prices for both power and gas, the director of the RKE energy regulator Marko Bislimoski tried to paint a rosy picture of the situation. The price of electricity went up by just 9.48...

Economy 05.01.22 | 18:11

Energy regulators refuse request from the Skopje public transit company to freeze the price of methane

The Regulatory Energy Commission (RKE) rejected the request from Skopje’s JSP publis transit company to freeze the price of methane used to power much of its bus fleet. Methane prices are surging in Europe and the public company is facing serious financial difficulties. But RKE insists that the...

Economy 31.12.21 | 09:42

New, higher heating price will be announced today

The Regulatory Energy Committee (RKE) is set to announce the second blow to household budgets – its planned increase of central heating in Skopje. Yesterday RKE said that it will increase the electricity price by just under 10 percent, and abolish a popular subsidy meaning that the increase will...

Economy 29.12.21 | 08:54

Energy crisis: Skopje central heating company asks for a 300 percent price hike

BEG, the company operating most of Skopje’s central heating system, asked the RKE Regulatory Energy Commission to approve a price hike of extreme 300 percent. This is meant to correspond to the huge spike in the natural gas prices. In its request, BEG told RKE that it has provided enough gas only...

Economy 28.12.21 | 11:09

Energy regulator begins process to hike the price of electricity

The Regulatory Energy Committeе (RKE) began the process of changing the electricity prices, which is expected to result with a major hike new month. RKE began meetings with energy companies who have already submitted their requests, for steep hikes in the price to correspond with the increase of energy...

Macedonia 06.10.21 | 10:14

Energy regulator director Bislimoski physically attacked by politically connected energy trader Xhaferi

Businessman Arijanit Xhaferi, son of former Deputy Prime Minister Musa Xhaferi, attacked Marko Bislimoski, director of the RKE energy regulatory commission yesterday evening. The incident, that was captured on camera, comes after Bislimoski took away Xhaferi’s license to trade with electricity...

Macedonia Economy 13.09.21 | 13:52

Gas prices go up by one denar

Gas prices are set to go up by 1 denar per liter,starting on Monday, the Regulatory Energy Commission announced. The Eurosuper 95 gas will go up to 73 denars per liter, while the 98 will cost 75 denars. Diesel prices will remain the same, at 63.5 denars per liter.

Economy 27.05.19 | 10:43

Energy regulator meets to determine gas prices using its new set of rules

The Regulatory Energy Committee (RKE) meets today to determine the new gas prices, set under a new regulatory model introduced after the long serving contract with Hellenic Petroleum expired. For a brief period of time retailers were able to set their own prices, which didn’t bring dramatic changes...

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