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Macedonia 25.06.21 | 16:55

Zero roaming fees in Western Balkans as of July 1

Inspired by the European Union, we’ve ensured that Western Balkan citizens will be able to make calls, text and surf the internet roaming-free across the region, starting July 1, Minister of Information Society and Administration Jeton Shaqiri told the Regional Cooperation Council’s Western Balkans...

Macedonia Economy 08.03.21 | 09:54

Roaming charges between Balkan countries set to be abolished on July 1st

Roaming charges between Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia are set to be abolished this summer. According to the EU negotiated deal, the so-called “Western Balkans” countries abolished much of the roaming charges in 2019, and the process should be completed on July...

Economy 01.01.20 | 11:57

Balkan countries cut roaming prices in 2020

Balkan countries who are not EU member states are reducing their roaming charges in 2020. Prices, which were often prohibitive, will go down by between 9 and 35 percent, except for Bosnia and Montenegro, who will maintain current roaming prices. This is the second phase of the roaming agreement between...

Economy 30.06.19 | 09:29

As of Monday, lower roaming prices in Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and BiH

Prices for roaming services between Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and BiH will decrease by 27% on Monday, and from July 2021 they will be completely abolished. The dynamics of price reduction is in line with the agreement signed at the Second Digital Summit for the Western Balkans, as...

Economy 04.04.19 | 14:18

Balkan roaming charges will be abolished by 2021

Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia will abolish roaming fees beginning in 2021. This was agreed during a summit in Belgrade, in a process whose goal is to have roaming charges with the European Union abolished as well. Prices will be regulated downwards this July and additional gradual...

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