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Macedonia 18.10.21 | 10:14

SEC published first full results from rural municipalities, is processing over 200 complaints

The State Electoral Commission published full mayoral results from five smaller, rural municipalities, as it continues to count the votes in the larger municipalities after the local elections on Sunday. According o the results, VMRO-DPMNE candidate Kiro Nackov won the race in Gradsko wit 55.6 percent...

Macedonia 12.07.20 | 15:31

Nikoloski: After 15 July, a law will be adopted to inspect the origin of officials’ capital so that we know who worked honestly and who didn’t

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President and head of the list in the 4th electoral district, Aleksandar Nikoloski today on the last day of the election campaign, promised the residents of the municipality of Rosoman that the origin of the capital of politicians and public officials in the past 30 years will be inspected,...

Macedonia 09.06.20 | 12:01

Man from Rosoman shoots, injures his grandmother

An elderly woman from the village of Manastirec near Rosoman was shot by her grandson. The woman sustained injuries to the arm and will need further surgeries to remove several pieces of shot. The police did not give the reason why the 33 year old man shot his grandmother.

Macedonia 23.12.19 | 11:43

Father and son stabbed by an Albanian citizen near Rosoman

A father and son from a village near Rosoman were stabbed by a father and son from Albania following an argument yesterday. The incident happened in front of a restaurant in Rosoman, where the father and son from the near-by village of Ribarci were attacked by the two Albanian citizens. At one point,...

Macedonia 19.09.19 | 22:26

Intimidation: Police sent to photograph farmers protesting in Rosoman

Police officers were used to film the protest of farmers in Rosoman, one of Macedonia’s main grape and peach growing regions. Agriculture Minister Trajan Dimovski was in for a hot reception, as the farmers chanted against him and demanded he resigns. Farmers blocked the motorway from Rosoman to...

Macedonia 14.06.19 | 23:32

Macedonia’s main peach growing region faces calamity as farmers can’t find markets

The lack of markets for peaches has created a crisis in the central Macedonian municipality of Rosoman, which is the main peach growing area in the country. Farmers are sharing videos as they destroy their now insolvent orchards and throwing the produce away. This is a disaster. I call on the Prime Minister...

Economy 14.06.19 | 11:30

Rosoman farmers filmed throwing their peaches away in protests against lack of markets

Farmers from Rosoman, which is the main peach growing region in Macedonia, are throwing their produce away in protest after the low prices. Signal.mk aired a video showing a truck of peaches being thrown along the side of the road, as farmers complain about the Zaev Government and its failure to help...

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