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Macedonia 11.05.21 | 15:54

Strasbourg court accepts appeal regarding April 27 case punishments

Lawyer Ruzica Nikolovska wrote Tuesday on Facebook  that the appeal regarding the punishments in the “April 27” case has been accepted by the Strasbourg court and it will be reviewed, and she hopes the it will make the right decision. In the case known to the public as “April 27”...

Macedonia 20.02.20 | 13:44

Zaev is the head of the criminal octopus, he should say what he and Janeva talked about at the meeting in the Prime Minister’s Villa

For justified or unjustified reasons we were not allowed to film a little higher, but behind me is the Prime Minister’s Villa where Zoran Zaev secretly met with Katica Janeva after being accused in the “Racket” case. Zaev does not deny that there were meetings right here, and what remains...

Macedonia 30.01.20 | 15:45

Nikolovska: After his son-in-law, Zaev gave license for cannabis cultivation to smuggler Boro!

The “Cannabis – Zaev’s Millions” scandal has peaked. Today, VMRO-DPMNE revealed a new scandal over a company that got a license for growing marijuana. The Medplant company in the village of Borisovo, Novo Selo, is the company that got the license, which is owned by Pero Stojcev,...

Macedonia 29.01.20 | 15:12

Nikolovska: Zaev’s future son-in-law also gets into the cannabis business

The “Cannabis – Zaev’s millions” scandal is gaining momentum. Today we will announce another name that has received a license and is very close to Zoran Zaev, VMRO-DPMNE’s Ruzica Nikolovska said at Wednesday’s press conference. The company “Life Plant”...

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