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Economy 22.05.21 | 19:52

Nikoloski: Zaev is trying to sell state-owned land in Macedonia in a mafia way, we will block the bill

During the visit to the municipality of Sopiste, the vice president of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikoloski was asked about the new Zaev bill on the sale of state-owned land. Regarding the agricultural land, I think it is a mafia attempt to sell Macedonia. After Zoran Zaev tried to realize several lucrative...

Macedonia 14.05.21 | 17:25

VMRO will block bill to sell publicly owned land unless safeguards are included

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski announced that the party will block a move by the Zaev regime to offer large portion of the state owned land for sale, including to foreign buyers. During his visit to Bitola, Mickoski said that unless VMRO proposals to secure national interests are adopted, the...

Macedonia Economy 19.02.21 | 17:53

Zaev announces the sale of state owned land and tripling of taxes on unused property

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced that taxes on property that is not being used will be increased three times their current rate, and that a new law will make it easier to purchase state owned land. Zaev said that the new tax rate will begin to be applied to state owned property, to motivate the public...

Macedonia Economy 24.11.20 | 22:32

Finance Minister Besimi confirms that the 2021 budget will rely on the sale of strategic public companies

Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi confirmed that a major source of revenue in 2021 should be the sale of publicly owned companies or shares the state holds in largely private companies. Faced with an enormous deficit and a declining economy, the Zaev regime announced attempts to sell off even strategic...

Macedonia Economy 11.11.20 | 21:52

Everything must go: Finance Minister Besimi says major publicly owned companies will go on sale in 2021

Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi said that the Government will try to reduce the huge deficit it plans for next year by selling off a number of fully or partially publicly owned companies. Most iconic among them is the Macedonian Post Office, whose sale was already announced by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. The...

Economy 02.08.20 | 11:00

Tourism vouchers sold online at half price

Alsat-M TV reports about cases where citizens are selling their “tourism vouchers” online, at half price. The vouchers were given before the elections, as part of a coronavirus stimulus package, with a nominal value of 6,000 denars (100 EUR) that can be used at tourist resorts across Macedonia. As...

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