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Macedonia 18.05.20 | 15:58

Machine gun wielding attackers take 30.000 EUR from a man near Skopje

A man from the village of Krusopek was attacked today in front of the Halk Bank branch in Saraj, west of Skopje. The man had more than 30.000 EUR on him when he was attacked by three men armed with automatic rifles. The group took the money and fled with a vehicle toward the Matka canyon.

Macedonia 06.11.19 | 21:12

Illegal smelter or waste burning is polluting Skopje’s western suburbs, citizens say

An Alfa TV crew was in the Saraj district west of Skopje, where residents are complaining that toxic waste is being burnt somewhere in the area. Local citizens say when the furnace hidden behind the high walls of one of the Saraj houses is likely operating, and that they feel an awful smell that spreads...

Macedonia 09.10.19 | 18:19

Incident between Macedonian and Albanian school kids in Saraj

An inter-ethnic incident occurred in Saraj, west of Skopje today, when Macedonian pupils were attacked by Albanian kids. Parents whose children attend the Kole Nedelkovski school, say that their kids went for a field trip to Albanian majority Saraj, only to be attacked by kids from another local school. One...

Macedonia 14.09.19 | 11:39

First drone fine – farmer from Saraj will pay 1.000 EUR for setting a fire

Inspectors have fined a farmer in Saraj 1.000 EUR for setting a fire on his farm to destroy vegetation. The fire was recorded by a drone patrol. This is the first such fine and the plan is to use the drone to try reduce the horrible problem of air pollution Skopje faces over winter. ИЗРЕЧЕНА...

Macedonia 30.08.19 | 19:46

Several people injured in shootout in Saraj

Several people have been injured in a shootout that took place Friday afternoon at around 14 h in the Bukovik village in the municipality of Saraj, Sitel learns. Several people participated in the shootout, with at least one person injured by gunshot wounds transferred to the hospital “September...

Macedonia 06.08.19 | 17:46

Saraj Mayor Bexheti dismisses corruption investigation against him

Saraj Mayor Blerim Bexheti dismissed the investigation launched by the Anti-Corruption Commission (DKSK) against him, saying he will take them to court. DKSK announced a series of investigations on Monday, including one against Bexheti for allegedly slow-rolling a decision that could have stopped the...

Macedonia 08.07.19 | 17:30

Saraj robbery – armed attackers took 115.000 EUR from the local NLB bank branch

The four armed attackers who robbed an NLB bank branch in the village of Saraj west of Skopje today took off with 115.000 EUR, the bank informed. The robbery occurred at 10:40 and the attackers took only five minutes to subdue the staff and the customers and empty the safes. This is the second such robbery...