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Health 02.07.20 | 21:11

Journalists, media workers to undergo free COVID-19 screening

The Ministry of Health in the coming days will organize free COVID-19 screening for journalists and media workers after it was requested by the Association of Journalists for Macedonia. The screening process will be carried out in two cycles. At least 500 journalists and media workers working in larger...

Macedonia 27.05.20 | 23:18

Kindergartens likely to open on June 15, plan for reopening of cinemas and theaters to be announced soon

The date for the expected opening of kindergartens is June 15, because by then the screening tests of employees will be completed, the Minister of Health Venko Filipce announced on the “Top tema” show on Wednesday. Screening in kindergartens is expected to be completed by June 15, and health...

Macedonia 08.05.20 | 12:00

Dr. Nikolov: In two days, over 10,000 tests were performed in Serbia, while in Macedonia only 400

Filipce says that the number of new coronavirus carriers has decreased, but the statistics also show an increase in the number of new cases, says Dr. Igor Nikolov from the EC of VMRO-DPMNE, emphasizing that in two days in Serbia over 10 thousand coronavirus tests were performed, while in Macedonia only...

Macedonia 24.04.20 | 17:35

Mass screening in Debar will show the actual scale of the epidemic

A screening program will begin in Debar to determine what percentage of the population of the city contracted the coronavirus. The small mountainous city was the first hotbed of the epidemic in Macedonia and had to be quarantined for over a month, but there are just three active cases remaining there. This...

Macedonia 14.04.20 | 18:55

Screening for possibly acquired immunity in Debar and Centar Zupa

After receiving the data that for several days in a row there are no new cases of coronavirus in the municipalities of Debar and Centar Zupa, field screening is underway through family doctors, Venko Filipce said at Tuesday’s press conference. A complete schedule has been made of activities of...

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