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Macedonia 17.07.20 | 20:40

SEC is missing 2 013 ballots?

According to the published “Conclusion for publishing the voting results” in Wednesday’s early parliamentary elections, based on data from the hardcopy forms of the municipal election commissions the SEC has established the following: – Total number of voters registered in the...

Macedonia 17.07.20 | 18:25

SEC publishes the election data from all polling stations on Google Drive

As the SEC is not yet able to publish the election data on their website, the data has been published on Google Drive. You can see the data at the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WOzcYkzl5gVi_P0HOcDhOtpt9Ch5_6Uf/view

Macedonia 17.07.20 | 17:03

Five complaints submitted to SEC

The State Election Commission (SEC) received five complaints and a request for inspection of invalid ballots by Friday afternoon. Democrats, Workers’ Party-MORO, SDU and Integra have submitted the complaints, while United Macedonia filed a request for inspection in the invalid ballots. The deadline...

Macedonia 17.07.20 | 09:08

Parties prepare for legal action after chaotic election

After the total disarray during the vote counting process, political parties are announcing they will file complaints to the State Electoral Commission. Opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski said that the legal team in his VMRO-DPMNE party is preparing their list of objections to the process. The ruling...

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 21:40

Janusev: SEC is recounting the votes at VMRO-DPMNE’s request

At the request of VMRO-DPMNE, the SEC is recounting the results from the hardcopy forms, in order to remove all possibilities for any irregularities regarding the election results. We have information that the numbers of the results entered in the SEC system do not correspond with the exact numbers entered...

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 20:35

SEC with final unofficial results: SDSM wins 46 MP seats, VMRO-DPMNE-44, DUI-15, AA/A-12, Levica-2, DPA-1

The State Election Commission announced Thursday the unofficial final results of yesterday’s early parliamentary elections. SDSM-led coalition “We Can” has won 46 MP seats, the VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition – 44 MP seats, Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) -15, Alliance for Albanians/Alternativa...

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 15:40

Police investigating the attack on the SEC website which undermined the elections

The Interior Ministry said that it is looking for the perpetrators of the hacking attack on the State Electoral Commission which threw the vote counting process in disarray and raised doubts in the veracity of the process. The SEC website, which is used to inform the public in detail about the turnout...

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 13:52

Fire in the vehicle carrying ballots from Gostivar to Skopje

As if the chaos surrounding the vote counting process after Macedonia’s elections was not bad enough, given the alleged hacking attack on the State Electoral Commission and the delayed publication of the results, a car transporting votes from Gostivar to Skopje caught fire overnight. Tetovo police...

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 13:40

Highly unusual results coming from the Election Commission throw the vote counting process in doubt

The website of the State Electoral Commission continues to be down, after the alleged hacking attack last evening, but in the brief periods it goes up it creates even more confusion in the public. Several screen shots from the website show results that are completely out of the realm of any previous...

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 11:54

Message from an alleged hack group sent to the Time.mk news aggregator

A message from an allegedly Macedonian nationalist hack group was sent to the Time.mk news aggregator which was hacked yesterday, just as the public was plugging in to view the results of the early general elections. It was the second of the two major website failures of the evening – the first,...

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 09:18

More than 31.000 ballots were thrown out as invalid

The State Electoral Commission informed that out of the approximately 927.000 ballots, 31.107 were invalid, with a small portion of votes left to count. Before the elections, activists from the ruling SDSM party were pushing a social media campaign to get opposition activists to spoil their ballots....

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 08:47

Electoral Commission preliminary projection shows SDSM lead by two seats in a hung Parliament

After hours of confusion caused by an apparent hacking attack, the Macedonian State Electoral Commission issued its preliminary projection of seats after the early general elections. According to the SEC, the SDSM – BESA lead coalition will have 46 seats, while the VMRO-DPMNE led coalition will...

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 02:04

Electoral Commission gives up, won’t announce final results this evening

After technical difficulties which raised speculations about the conduct of the elections, the State Electoral Commission announced that it will not give its final results and projection of seats this evening and will leave it for tomorrow. SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE seem to be virtually tied, with the leftist...

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 01:33

SEC: Results from 90% of processed votes

According to initial unofficial results released by the State Election Commission of the votes counted from 3,130 out of 3,480 polling stations, the SDSM-led “We Can” coalition wins 272,881 votes (36.15%) and the VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition wins 262.168 votes (34.73%). 86,816 people voted for DUI (11.5%),...

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 01:14

SEC after processing 87% of votes: SDSM -36.27%, VMRO-DPMNE- 34.89%

Of votes counted from 3,023 out of 3,480 polling stations, or nearly 87% of ballots, the SDSM-led “We Can” coalition with 36.27% is in a lead over the VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition having 34.89%. According to initial unofficial results published by the State Election Commission, 11.37% voted for DUI,...

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 00:52

SEC after processing 80% of votes: SDSM -36.48%, VMRO-DPMNE- 35.47%, DUI- 10.73%, AA/A – 8.41%

Of the votes counted from 2,800 out of 3,480 polling stations, or nearly 80% of counted votes, the SDSM-led “We Can” coalition with 36.48% is in a lead over the VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition having 35.47%. The data published by the State Election Commission from their main office as its website has been...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 23:48


Due to problems with the site, the State Election Commission is reporting the results of the processed votes via a video on YouTube:

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 23:46

Derkoski: It’s a dead heat

State Electoral Commission President Oliver Derkoski said that the race between VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM is a dead heat. Derkoski held a brief press conference to discuss the attack on the SEC website which prevented the publication of results. When asked about the results, Derkoski said that he would rather...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 23:42

Electoral Commission results indicate hung Parliament

The State Electoral Commission has failed to inform the public through its website about up to date election results. The site crashed shortly after voting ended, and SEC head Oliver Derkoski now said that it was a case of an outside attack. Through other means, the SEC is announcing a razor thin lead...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 22:55

Electoral Commission website went down just as the results were supposed to begin pouring in

The website of the Macedonian State Electoral Commission, where up to date results of the counting of the votes were supposed to be published, is currently down. The rezultati.sec.mk site worked well throughout the day and provided turnout numbers, but as soon as the polling stations closed and the results...