Tag: Smilkovsko Lake
Macedonia 20.04.22 | 16:53

Mickoski: We planted 5 trees in the church near Smilkovsko Lake in tribute to the 5 prematurely extinguished lives

VMRO-DPMNE delegation, led by the party president and vice-president Hristijan Mickoski and Vlado Misajlovski, and the mayors of Butel and Gazi Baba, Darko Kostovski and Boban Stefkovski, planted five trees in Smilkovo Lake, in memory of the killed boys and the fisherman in the massacre which happened...

Macedonia 21.01.21 | 10:18

Closing arguments: The case of Smilkovsko Lake murders is coming to an end

The trial in the five-fold murder at the Smilkovsko Lake on April 12, 2012 is  set to resume today in the Skopje Criminal Court, where the parties are scheduled to start giving their closing arguments. In a previous procedure for the case, Alil Demiri, Afrim and Agim Ismailovic, Ezim and Haki Aziri...

Macedonia 07.02.20 | 16:43

Gjorgjievski: For political purposes, Zaev monstrously abused the massacre at Smilkovsko Lake

Zoran Zaev monstrously abused the massacre at Smilkovsko Lake for political purposes from 2015 onward. When he dared to lie, manipulate and play with the destinies of the families of those killed, but also of the entire Macedonian public, you can imagine what Zoran Zaev is capable to do, what he has...

Macedonia 14.01.20 | 16:46

“Zaev is bigger monster than the killers, and Katica was part of political agreement”, say the parents of the murdered boys near Smilkovsko Lake

The “Monster” case trial resumes on February 3, and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev was among the other witnesses proposed by prosecutors as an additional witness at today’s hearing on the five-fold murder near Smilkovsko Lake. The parents of the victims have repeatedly appealed to judge Ognen...

Macedonia 18.12.19 | 22:33

Zekiri: Killers from Smilkovsko Lake are innocent, “Monster” case is staged

SDSM Vice President Muhamed Zekiri spoke Wednesday on the “Samo vistina” show about the Smilkovsko Lake killings, or the “Monster” case in which five innocent young people were killed. According to Zekiri, the “Monster” case is staged, and the suspected killers are...

Macedonia 26.08.19 | 15:12

Fetai to present “bombs” related to “Monster” case in September

About 38,000 wiretapped conversations and SMS text messages related to the “Monster” case are now in the hands of the court. At Monday’s court hearing in the case of the five-time murder at Smilkovsko Lake, it was agreed that these “bombs” will be presented in court as...

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