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Macedonia 24.01.20 | 10:25

Low morning temperatures, Berovo reaches minus 11 Celsius

The cold spell continues across Macedonia, with morning temperatures reaching minus 11 in Berovo. Daily highs will reach between 5 and 13 degrees Centigrade. Despite the cold, there is not much snow in the two main ski resorts. Mavrovo is covered by 11 centimeters, and in Popova Sapka there are just...

Macedonia 22.01.20 | 17:16

No snowfall, but City of Skopje pays 263,000 euros for snow cleaning

The contract that Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov has signed with the company “Apolo Engineering” for renting snow-cleaning vehicles in Skopje from November 15 to March 15 for this and next winter amounts to 64.900.000,00 denars, show the documents that “Economski Lider” has obtained. This...

Macedonia 14.01.20 | 10:48

A winter without snow – forecasters expect a warm and rainy January

Forecasts for this month predict rainy and relatively warm weather across Macedonia, with little snow in the mountains and none in the lower lands. During mid January, temperatures can even reach double digits. Most low parts of the country, including the capital Skopje, have yet to see any snow this...

Macedonia 01.01.20 | 15:22

The forecast calls for snow on Sunday and Monday

A wet front is expected on Saturday evening and forecasters are predicting it will bring snow on Sunday and Monday morning. Forecasts are also predicting strong northern wind.

Macedonia 06.12.19 | 10:13

Temperatures continue to drop, Berovo coldest this morning with -8 degrees

Temperatures continue to dip across Macedonia as the winter begins in earnest. The coldest temperatures this morning were recorded in Berovo – with -8 degrees Centigrade, followed by the ski resort of Mavrovo which had -4. Ohrid, Prespa, Bitola, Gevgelija and Dojran were warmest, with 2 degrees. Mavrovo...

Macedonia 03.12.19 | 19:22

First snow of the year falls in Skopje

After dusting in the mountains, the first snow of the season fell in Skopje. The wind and the snow mixed with rain helped reduce the air pollution problem in the capital somewhat. Macedonia had a very warm autumn which is now quickly turning into a proper winter, and with it the air pollution is quickly...

World 17.01.19 | 11:35

Five deaths blamed on storms that dump snow, rain on California

At least five people have died in severe rain and snowstorms that blanketed parts of California with at least five feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains this week, besides triggering flooding and mudslides, officials said, Reuters reports. Forecasters expect the bitter weather to push eastwards...

Life 11.01.19 | 09:57

Ski-route from Kicevo to Ohrid – a new challenge for the Macedonians

Last night one could barely drive on the Ohrid-Kicevo highway. The road was covered with snow, the services were not out on the ground at all. The irresponsibility of the authorities left the road in a risky situation for citizens who had to drive through here. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs =...

World 10.01.19 | 09:31

Europe’s snow chaos continues, with up to ten feet expected in Austria

Austria could face 10 feet of snow in the next few days as fierce winter weather continues to strike central Europe this week. Parts of Austria have already had more snow this month than they usually do in the whole of January, with more snow expected before the weekend. The tourist season in the Alps...

Life 09.01.19 | 14:38

Municipalities are obliged to clear the snow – citizens can sue for fractures

Snow and frozen streets can fill the hospitals. Such is the practice of previous years. Municipalities have spent thousands of euros on equipment and salt, and they must not forget that they should use them. The Ombudsman recommends citizens not to wait for justice and rights, but to fight for it. For...

Macedonia 04.01.19 | 21:02

Snow cuts off villages, border police unit

Heavy snowfall has affected much of Macedonia, cutting off mountainous villages and, in one case, a 10 men border police unit. In the Skopje area, the village of Crn Vrv and its 150 inhabitants are cut off with 120 centimeters of snow. – We’ve been cut off since Wednesday and nobody came...

Life 25.12.18 | 09:20

Overcast weather with local rainfalls and snow

Weather in Macedonia will be overcast with local rainfalls and snow, accompanied by strong northwest winds. Temperatures will range between -5C and 6C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 2C.

Life 21.12.18 | 10:39

Overcast weather with local rainfalls and snow

Weather in Macedonia will be overcast with local rainfalls and snow. Temperatures will range between 3C and 9C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 3C.

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