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Macedonia Economy 23.03.21 | 13:57

Resign if you can’t do you job, SSK chamber chief Daniela Arsovska tells members of Parliament as the stimulus package remains blocked

Daniela Arsovska, President of the SSK chamber of commerce, condemned the Parliament for its inability to adopt the proposed fifth round of stimulus for companies hit by the coronavirus crisis. Small and medium sized companies don’t have reserves to maintain their liquidity. The members of Parliament...

Economy 10.06.20 | 23:27

In April there were 21.000 workers who did not receive their salaries, warns SSK chamber President Daniela Arsovska

The report that 21.000 workers did not receive their salaries in April is a major source of concern and reveals that Macedonian companies are having serious liquidity issues, said Daniela Arsovska, President of the SSK chamber of commerce. Unless steps are taken immediately, I fear that the next months...

Economy 08.11.19 | 20:03

SSK chamber of commerce doesn’t believe the economy will really grow by 3.5 percent in 2019

Daniela Arsovska, head of the Association of chambers of commerce (SSK), is skeptical about the projected growth rate of 3.5 percent for 2019. The National bank gave its projection but I don’t think it will be doable given the election campaign. Companies are looking into their plans for the first...

Macedonia 24.07.19 | 12:47

Macedonia’s main Chamber of Commerce says its members were blackmailed, wants speedy resolution of the Katica Janeva scandal

Daniela Arsovska, President of the Macedonian Association of Chambers of Commerce (SSK), informed the public that businessmen who are SSK members were exposed to blackmail and racketeering, as part of the broadening scandal which pushed Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva to resign. Arsovska called on the...

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