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Macedonia Culture 19.10.21 | 10:21

Culture Minister Stefoska opens an event dedicated to the fight against the Bulgarian occupation in World War Two

Culture Minister Irena Stefoska opened the event dedicated to the writers, poets, painters and other artists who were inspired by the partisan movement in the Second World War. At a time when the Zaev regime is preparing the Macedonian public for major concessions to Bulgaria on national identity issues,...

Macedonia Culture 11.05.21 | 17:31

Culture Ministry is waiting for an investigation into the actions of the previous Minister before it can begin paying artists in full

The Culture Ministry said it is trying to pay out funds in accordance with the latest annual program, but is also waiting for the outcome of the investigation conducted by the Financial Police into the previous management of the department. Minister Irena Stefoska from SDSM accused her predecessor Husni...

Macedonia Culture 19.03.21 | 19:28

Culture Minister Stefoska wants to ban the cities of Ohrid and Struga from making their own urban plans

Culture Minister Irena Stefoska called on the Government to revoke the authority of the municipalities of Ohrid and Struga in urban planning. Her reaction comes after the city of Ohrid allowed the demolition and redevelopment of Hotel Park, which has caused outrage in a generation of architects trying...

Macedonia 07.10.20 | 14:47

Culture Minister Stefoska in self-isolation after staff member contracted the coronavirus

Culture Minister Irena Stefoska went into self-isolation after a member of her staff tested positive to the coronavirus. Stefoska said that she will perform her duties from home while being tested for the virus.

Macedonia Culture 29.09.20 | 18:27

Culture Ministry declares it will protect what’s left of the devastated Matejce monastery

The Culture Ministry plans to protect the Matejce monastery, a 14 century shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which was badly damaged by Albanian terrorists in the 2001 war. Its priceless frescoes were famously desecrated with rude inscriptions and Jasmina Zisovska from the Ministry says that the state...