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Macedonia 17.09.21 | 22:52

Bishop Petar likens refusal of the vaccine to committing suicide

Bishop Petar likened the unvaccinated citizens to potential suiciders and warned them they will not enter Heaven. In a Alfa TV interview, the bishop of Prespa and Pelagonija added that the coronavirus is dangerous and should be taken seriously. All of us in the Holy Synod are vaccinated. Also, most of...

Macedonia 21.04.21 | 09:24

Man from Struga murdered his wife and then tried to kill himself

A 39 year old man from Struga killed his 34 year old wife yesterday evening, and then tried to kill himself. The murder was perpetrated with a knife, at the home of friends of the couple where the two were visiting. Police informed that the woman was found dead at the scene, and the man badly injured...

Macedonia 10.02.21 | 11:12

Covid patient commits suicide in the main treatment center in Skopje

A 70 year old Covid patient committed suicide by jumping from the first floor of the 8th of September hospital in Skopje. The tragic event was reported this morning. The man was hospitalized on February 5th. The hospital treats the most severe coronavirus cases in Macedonia.

Macedonia 02.01.21 | 10:16

Macedonian diplomat dead after apparent suicide in New York

A diplomat working in an UN mission, reportedly a Macedonian, was found dead in New York after an apparent suicide. New York Post initially reported the name of the diplomat, which corresponds with a Macedonian diplomat, but deleted it from the website. It is reported that the 38 year old woman was found...

Macedonia 18.04.19 | 18:31

Murder – suicide in Kratovo

A murder – suicide was reported in a village near the city of Kratovo, where a 57 year old man who suffered from health issues killed a 66 year old neighbor and then himself. The killer is identified as G.K. from the village of Lukovo. He used a hunting rifle to shoot his neighbor R.A. in his house,...

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