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Macedonia 24.08.20 | 10:28

Storm expected this evening

A summer storm is expected on Monday evening, forecasters say. While the day will be seasonably hot with temperatures of up to 36 degrees, citizens should be prepared for strong rains and thunderstorms in the evening. Unstable weather patterns are expected to continue into Tuesday.

Macedonia 11.08.20 | 13:04

Afternoon storms expected in the coming days

Forecasters are warning the citizens to be prepared for summer rainstorms starting tomorrow afternoon. These storms can cause localized flooding. The unstable weather will persist through the weekend. Temperatures will remain high, ranging between 27 and 36 degrees around noon.

Macedonia 30.07.20 | 10:29

Heatwave warning in effect

Citizens are urged to stay indoors today as temperatures are expected to reach up to 40 degrees. The heatwave is causing health issues for the sick and the elderly and the strong UV radiation can be felt even during short walks. Doctors advise that individuals stay hydrated, eat light food and wear light...

Macedonia 29.07.20 | 10:34

Heathwave: Temperatures will go up to 39 degrees

The heatwave is expected to be in full force today, with temperatures rising up to 39 degrees in parts of Macedonia. The lowest citizens in the cooler parts of the country can hope for around noon will be 29 degrees, forecasters predict. The UV solar radiation index will also be at a very high level...

Macedonia 24.07.20 | 21:12

Another evening storm expected in Skopje

Another strong evening storm is preparing over Skopje. Citizens are advised to get off the streets and seek cover. Skopje often has summer storms that include strong gusts of wind and pouring rain. One such storm hit the city on Thursday evening, causing internet outages and sending tree branches flying.

Macedonia 22.07.20 | 21:57

Heatwave expected next week

Macedonia is in for a major heatwave next week, with temperatures expected to reach up to 40 degrees. The effects will be felt this week as well, with highs of 38, but afternoon rains can cool off the temperatures a little. Next week, besides the heat, the public can expect that the UV solar index will...

Macedonia 03.07.20 | 09:49

Torrential rains expected until mid next week

Hot sunny weather and downpours in the afternoons are forecast for Friday, but also for the days leading up to mid next week. Daily highs will reach up to 35 degrees, and will be followed by torrential rains. Saturday and Sunday are forecast to have the most rain, and temperatures will be somewhat lower...

Macedonia 20.06.20 | 09:42

Summer begins – temperatures of up to 32 degrees and afternoon rainstorms expected

Temperatures in Macedonia are expected to reach 32 degrees, as the summer begins in earnest. The range of high daily temperatures will be between 24 and 32. Also, typically for summer, in the afternoon today and in the coming days we can expect brief but rains, accompanied by winds and thunder.

Macedonia 26.05.20 | 19:02

Montenegro will open its borders but Macedonian citizens will likely not be allowed in, because of the high infection rate

Montenegro is planning to reopen the borders, but Macedonia may be left out of the number of countries whose citizens will be allowed in. A requirement will be that the country has less than 25 infected per 100.000 citizens. This will likely apply to countries like Germany, Austria and Poland, who are...

Macedonia 13.05.20 | 10:29

Warm front over Macedonia

Temperatures across Macedonia are expected to go up to 36 degrees today, as the wintry and rainy spring weather gives way to summer. Temperatures will be highest in the south of the country, but they will range over 31 degrees across most of Macedonia. In the coming days we will also be under a stable...

Macedonia 10.05.20 | 20:13

Mickoski: We want elections in summer, but only if it is safe for the voters

In response to a request from SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev that elections are held in June, opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski said that recommendations from the Venice Commission propose that elections are held no sooner than two months after a state of emergency has been lifted. The Commission has...

Macedonia 28.04.20 | 20:49

Fillipce: Coronavirus restrictions will likely still be in place during summer

I expect a repeated peak in the autumn because the coronavirus will not disappear. The situation could be even trickier then because there will be patients with seasonal flu who occupy the same departments that are currently used for the coronavirus patients. The entire world will be better prepared...

Macedonia 10.06.19 | 09:53

Summer heatwave will last for days, stay cool and hydrated

Throughout the week the weather across Macedonia will be hot and sunny. Daily highs can reach between 28 and 35 degrees Centigrade, and citizens are advised to stay cool and hydrate. The heatwave will stretch until the middle of next week, when we can expect some rains and even hail.

World 05.06.19 | 09:49

Scorching summer expected across Europe, the Balkans will continue to be pounded by storms

A heatwave is expected across Europe, for the duration of the summer, while in the Balkans forecasters expect a rise in temperatures but also continued storms and rains. The brunt of the heatwave is expected to hit Europe from Portugal to Hungary, with temperatures rising up to 40 degrees Centigrade...