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Macedonia 08.10.21 | 11:13

Even as it closes the perspective for Balkan countries, EU demands that it receives public praise

Even as the EU – Balkans summit ended in dismal failure, with Macedonia and other Balkan countries seemingly stuck worse than ever, the declaration following the summit demands that the Balkan countries heap praise on the EU for its financial support. The EU is by far the region’s closest...

Balkans 03.09.20 | 09:32

Trump makes another attempt to resolve the Kosovo issue

Serbian and Kosovan officials head to Washington for a new round of meetings meant to lead to a settlement between the two countries. This is the second time the Trump administration and his diplomat Richard Grenell have taken a crack at the Kosovo issue – the first summit collapsed after Kosovan...

Macedonia 13.11.19 | 17:03

Zaev’s plane returned to the Skopje airport after take-off due to an unspecified issue

The Government’s plane carrying Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to the Solun/Thessaloniki regional summit returned to the Skopje airport after take-off due to an unspecified issue. The Veer daily reports that the plane took off as scheduled, bugt then unexpectedly returned. Greece is hosting a summit...

News 09.11.19 | 11:21

Mini Schengen summit in Ohrid tomorrow

Zoran Zaev hosts a meeting of the Mini Schengen initiative in Ohrid starting tomorrow, which will include the leaders of Albania and Serbia, as well as Montenegrin and Bosnian representatives. The initiative is seen as a “participation trophy” for the Balkan countries, after France made it...

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