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Macedonia 15.08.21 | 11:05

Latest NDI poll is strong message to deserter Zaev that he is losing people’s support

People’s trust in this criminal government of SDSM is decreasing rapidly. Without any results and projects for the citizens, it is completely lost in crime and the personal enrichment of the family in power, say the largest opposition party VMRO-DPMNE. According to VMRO DPMNE, the three pillars...

Macedonia 16.05.21 | 12:43

Netanyahu adds Macedonia to the list of countries he thanked for their support

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu added Macedonia to the list of countries who, as he said, “resolutely stand with Israel and support Israel’s right to self defense against terrorist attacks”. The list includes the United States, countries from the region like Albania, Hungary,...

Economy 20.07.20 | 13:46

Swedish support to strengthen capacity of farmers affected by Covid-19

With the corona crisis underway, Macedonian agriculture is to face key challenges as rising uncertainty and unemployment, the lack of seasonal workers for the upcoming harvest, disrupted supply chains as well as the lack of direct measures to support small scale and rural businesses in tackling poverty,...

Macedonia 13.07.20 | 21:37

Marijana Petir: I wish Macedonia elects politicians who will take care of the sovereignty and identity of the people

Macedonia is our friendly country where parliamentary elections will be held soon, the former MEP from Croatia and a great friend of Macedonia, Marijana Petir said on Monday. I wish the citizens of Macedonia to choose those politicians who will take care of the protection of the sovereignty of the state...

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