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Macedonia 17.01.20 | 16:37

Two Afghan migrants caught in a cargo train bound for Hungary

Two illegal migrants from Afghanistan were detained while crossing the Macedonian – Serbian border. The two were hiding in a cargo train bound from Greece for Hugary. A Serbian border guard noticed that seals on the train cars were broken and found the two Afghan men, aged 18 and 20, hiding among...

Macedonia 14.09.19 | 20:11

Two incidents involving illegal migrants near Kumanovo

Macedonian police stopped a man transporting 16 illegal migrants in his car toward the border with Serbia on Friday morning. The police intercepted two vehicles, which refused to stop and attempted to flee toward the border. In one of them were the 16 men, from Pakistan, Eritrea and Nepal. All of the...

Macedonia 11.09.19 | 12:32

Migrant trafficker arrested as he was driving 10 Syrians toward the border with Serbia

Police stopped an Audi whose driver was caught transporting 10 Syrian migrants toward Serbia. The vehicle was stopped yesterday, on the highway from Kumanovo toward the Tabanovce border crossing with Serbia. The 47 year old driver was detained and the migrants will be temporarily housed in Kumanovo. Migrant...

Macedonia 04.08.19 | 11:52

Group of Bangladeshi migrants intercepted near the border with Serbia

A man transporting 21 migrants in a pickup truck was stopped near the Tabanovce crossing on the border with Serbia. The driver, a 35 year old man from Gevgelija, was transporting a group of Bangladeshi migrants. He was detained by Kumanovo police.