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Macedonia 09.07.21 | 13:23

Trials in SPO’s cases “Talir”, “Trajectory” and “Spanish Steps” to return to beginning

All trials where the judge is Goran Bosevski or is part of the trial counsel have been postponed until the appointment of a new judge, the Basic Criminal Court informed. Today’s trial in the “Trajectory” case in relation to the procedure for selection of a company for the construction...

Macedonia 11.06.21 | 11:18

Elenko Milanov on the “Talir” case: It is against the law to keep a lay judge with an expired mandate, just to keep the case persisting

Speaking about the “Talir” case in an interview with Alfa TV, lawyer Elenko Milanov said that the court and the state Judicial Council are trying to keep a lay judge, whose mandate has expired, contrary to the Law on Courts, just to keep the case persisting. Milanov emphasizes that they...

Macedonia 09.09.20 | 21:31

After key witnesses in “Talir 1” case didn’t confirm the Prosecution’s allegations, pro-government media outlets fabricate statements to create pressure from the public

From today’s testimony of the two key witnesses of the Prosecution in the “Talir 1” case, Siljan Micevski and Vladimir Cingovski, it is clear that neither of them confirmed the allegations of the Prosecution with which it charges the defendants. Neither of them confirmed the illegal...

Macedonia 05.12.19 | 22:53

Mickoski: The party has nothing to do with Kamcev’s businesses, but it has illegally frozen property and cannot function properly

The party has no to do with the businesses that were mentioned in the media today, VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said Thursday in Gjorce Petrov, answering a journalist’s question about the police raiding Orce Kamcev’s businesses. I guess this is some of the ways SDSM, Zoran Zaev,...

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