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Macedonia 01.09.21 | 18:21

Taxi driver arrested while transporting three Cuban migrants

A taxi driver from Skopje was arrested while transporting three illegal migrants from Cuba. The 42 year old man was stopped by Gevgelija police, as he was driving north on the E-75 highway. This corridor is on the main Balkan migrant route that was especially prominent in the 2015-16 crisis.

Macedonia 04.09.19 | 14:36

After he was warned that he committed a crime, Mayor Silegov altered his Facebook post

Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov altered his Facebook post, in which he published the fines given to several taxi drivers who were parked illegally, along with the personal information of the drivers. Silegov gloated yesterday that he had the men fined 500 EUR each for parking outside of the designated area...

Macedonia 25.07.19 | 17:24

Taxi driver filmed punching a woman to the ground in Skopje

A gruesome video of an attack that happened on Wednesday in Skopje was shared online today. It reveals a woman being hit pushed to the ground by a taxi driver. She is initially seen apparently trying to damage the taxi vehicle, likely owing to a previous, unrecorded argument. The driver then moves toward...

World 05.06.19 | 17:54

Ramadan causes taxi shortage at Berlin airport

In recent days there have been around 500 fewer taxis at the ranks of Berlin-Tegel airport, as Muslim drivers celebrate the end of Ramadan. The month-long Muslim fast of Ramadan came to an end on Tuesday. The end of Ramadan is traditionally celebrated with a three-day “breaking the fast”...

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