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Macedonia 20.10.20 | 12:20

Gevgelija lead the country with the increase in new coronavirus cases

The Healthcare Ministry warned that Gevgelija leads the country with increase in new coronavirus cases. The city, whose hospital covers also other towns in the region, had a weekly incidence of 228.3 per 100,000 inhabitants. There were a total of 2,676 newly diagnosed cases in 34 cities over the past...

Macedonia 15.10.20 | 21:46

Commissioner Varhelyi ends his self-isolation after testing negative

EU Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi tested negative for the second time and will end his quarantine. My COVIDー19 test came back negative today, same as all the tests I have had over the past 10 days. I am therefore no longer self-isolating and am resuming activities, with full respect of public...

Macedonia 30.09.20 | 18:09

Macedonia in talks with some Balkan countries to reopen borders without corona tests

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce said that there is agreement with Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo to reopen borders without the need of coronavirus tests. Filipce said that talks are on-going with Bulgaria and Serbia, in an attempt to open much of the Balkans simultaneously. So far Greece is not part...

Macedonia 15.08.20 | 10:58

Serbia now demands a corona test from arriving Macedonian citizens

Starting today, Serbia requires a recent negative coronavirus test from arriving citizens of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania. Serbia was one of the rare places Macedonian citizens could visit without providing the test. The decision will not apply to Serbian citizens returning home.

Health 02.07.20 | 21:11

Journalists, media workers to undergo free COVID-19 screening

The Ministry of Health in the coming days will organize free COVID-19 screening for journalists and media workers after it was requested by the Association of Journalists for Macedonia. The screening process will be carried out in two cycles. At least 500 journalists and media workers working in larger...

Macedonia 29.04.20 | 15:32

Minister Filipce to leave self-isolation after second coronavirus test result comes back negative

The Ministry of Health informs that the second coronavirus test result of Health Minister Venko Filipce came back negative. Today I got the result of my second Covid-19 test , which, like the first one, came back negative. This practically ends my 14-day isolation, which I carried out on my own initiative,...

Health 24.04.20 | 11:42

Potential coronavirus drug has failed in its first test

An anti-viral drug has failed in its first randomized test, a setback for hopes to find ways to treat the new coronavirus, according to a report on Thursday. The Financial Times newspaper first reported on the draft study of the drug remdesivir, which was published accidentally by the World Health Organization...

Macedonia 02.04.20 | 11:11

Coronavirus tests to get more expensive in private clinics

Health Fund Director Den Doncev said in an interview with “Utrinski brifing” that in two days private clinics will be able to perform molecular tests that detect the presence of coronavirus and are recognized by the Institute of Public Health because they are more sophisticated, with 600...

Macedonia 28.03.20 | 12:07

VMRO demands accountability for the obscenely priced coronavirus tests

The opposition VMRO-DPMNE party demands accountability from the FZO healthcare fund and the Healthcare Ministry for grossly overpaying for the coronavirus tests. As prices in the “free” public sector are more than three times above those paid in the best equipped private hospitals in Skopje,...

Macedonia 27.03.20 | 17:29

Minister Filipce defends the hugely overpriced coronavirus tests

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce defended the extremely high price that the public healthcare fund pays for coronavirus testing compared even to the private sector. It turned out that a private test costs about 1.500 denars (25 EUR) but the FZO public fund pays nearly 5.000 denars (80 EUR) to a publicly...

Macedonia 03.02.20 | 20:57

After appointing party loyalists to the commission, SDSM now wants to water down the bar exam

Days after it was revealed that the ruling SDSM party is stacking the commission that organizes the bar exam with its own loyalists, Kurir reports that the Justice Ministry plans to water down the conduct of the test. According to the news site, the commission will be allowed to do oral exams for law...