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Macedonia 03.11.21 | 15:48

Father and son were producing weapons at home

A father and son were arrested in Skopje’s Topaana neighborhood, after police found a weapons manufacturing facility in their home. During the raid, police found six hunting rifles, over 3,000 pieces of ammo, and dozens of parts for different weapons. The two also had a digital scale, apparently...

Macedonia 11.10.21 | 19:08

We won’t have “forgotten neighborhoods”, Danela Arsovska said during her visit to Skopje’s poor Topaana area

There will be no more “forgotten neighborhoods” in Skopje, said mayoral candidate Danela Arsovska, as she visited Topaana, one of the poorest parts of the capital. Arsovska met with the citizens of the largely Roma area, who told about the horrible living conditions in this area, so close...

Macedonia 28.12.20 | 10:27

TikTok crime wave: Man filmed shooting from a handgun in Skopje

The list of incidents captured on video and shared on TikTok keeps growing. After several reckless driving incidents in Skopje, a TikTok user has shared a video of a man opening fire from a handgun, apparently in the Topaana part of Skopje. This ethnically mixed part of Skopje has a long standing issue...

Macedonia 05.01.20 | 19:27

Two guards were shot in a sports betting place in Skopje

An armed incident occurred on Saturday evening, in Topaansko Pole part of Skopje. Two guards who were securing a sports betting place were shot and wounded by a person they had a dispute with. Store employees brought the wounded men for treatment in the St. Naum of Ohrid hospital. The police is reporting...

Macedonia 14.05.19 | 22:37

Newborn baby found abandoned on a street in Skopje

A shocking scene was reported in Skopje’s Topaansko Pole district today, as passers by noticed a baby who was apparently just born left alone on the street. According to media reports, the baby was still covered in blood after the birth and the umbilical cord was found on the street next to it....

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