Tag: Transparency International
Macedonia 28.01.21 | 17:29

In the last 18 years, the highest level of corruption occurs when the SDSM / DUI coalition is in power

Following the publication of Transparency International’s latest report where Macedonia dropped 5 places on the corruption index, the opposition is demanding the resignation of the entire government. The report of Transparency International confirmed the incompetence of SDSM. Today, the report...

Macedonia 28.01.21 | 11:32

After years of high level corruption scandals, Macedonia drops to its worst ranking in the Transparency International poll

Macedonia fell to the historically lowest point in the Transparency International corruption ranking. The poll conducted among Macedonian citizens ranks the country 111th in the world – by far the worst rankng so far, and tied with Bosnia as the worst countries in the region. The poll asks citizens...

Macedonia 23.01.20 | 12:21

Zaev’s hybrid regime puts Macedonia at the bottom – “Life came” for rigged contracts, corruption and political pressures

In the 21st century, there is a hybrid regime in Europe, and they promised change, better life. Their rule has turned into a hybrid regime in which they are turning the country around. And how else would it be with so much crime and high-level corruption, with a pardoned leader in power and fraud...

Economy 29.01.19 | 12:56

Macedonia among the most corrupt countries in the Western Balkans

According to the Corruption Perceptions Index 2018 of Transparency International (TI), released on Tuesday, the most corrupt countries in the Western Balkans are Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo, which are ranked 99th and 93rd respectively. They are followed by BiH and Serbia at 89th, and 87th, while Montenegro...

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